Afghanistan vs Ireland (2021)

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Afghanistan vs Ireland Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

Any ODI clash always brings with it a range of betting options, and Afghanistan vs Ireland will be no different. These betting markets will range from the outright winner of the series down to more granule match-specific markets that mean both novice and experienced bettors will have a lot of choice if they decide to make the most out of the best cricket betting sites on offer. 


Afghanistan vs Ireland Betting Odds

The Afghanistan vs Ireland betting odds will be updated here as soon as they are available.

Afghanistan vs Ireland Betting Tips & Predictions

When looking into betting on any match in cricket, whether it is a Test match, an ODI or a Twenty20 clash, you simply have to do your research. Unlike a game like football where you can quite often just study the last few games for a side or who has been scoring their goals, you will need to do more research when looking to bet pre-match or with in play betting sites.

Indeed, delving into the ODI results between Afghanistan and Ireland may not be the most illuminating for betting purposes due to a number of reasons. First, the fact that they have only played out six ODI series means the pool of results is not particularly large. The benefits of having a lot of historical results to look at means that you can tend to make a judgement on how a team plays against another side, both home and away. Second is the fact that the results have been really quite even. The sides have drawn in three of their six series, with Afghanistan winning two and Ireland winning one. What is very interesting though is the fact that neither side has beaten the other to nil, with the series winner only ever clinching victory due to a single triumph. In total, Ireland have won 10 matches, while Afghanistan have won 11 ODI’s against their opponents.

The last time the two sides played was back in May 2019, with the series ending in a 1-1 draw, while the last series in Afghanistan ended in a 2-1 win to Ireland, which is definitely something to keep in mind when placing your bets.

What we would likely look to do is back an Irish win across the series, although this depends on the available players to both sides. Ireland have looked good in the shorter formats in particular, and they will likely go into this one as the underdogs. This means that the odds they offer will likely warrant the risk of them playing away from home. However, Ireland’s ability to play in conditions that may be very conducive to spin will be vital, and if they fail to play Afghanistan’s slower bowlers well, they may leave their own bowlers with the behemoth task of defending more modest totals.

As previously mentioned, the series between Afghanistan and Ireland have been very tight, with neither side able to win to nil. Therefore, the stats seem to back that both sides will win at least one game. However, the fact things are so even means it is far more difficult to pick an outright winner. Indeed, if England were to play Ireland in a five match ODI series, Ireland would back themselves to upset their opponents at least once, but most cricket fans would back England to comfortably win the series. In the case of Afghanistan vs Ireland, few people would back either side as a certainty to win the series, which can make outright betting slightly more difficult.

As things stand, there are no odds available for Afghanistan vs Ireland, but they will be posted here as soon as they are available.

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Popular Bets For Afghanistan vs Ireland

The ODI series between Afghanistan and Ireland will allow bettors to get involved with an array of different betting options. While the series itself may not be seen in the same quality bracket as some of the top cricket tournaments like the Ashes or the World Cup, it will still bring some serious talent together. This means that there will be a range of outright betting markets along with single match betting, and with all of these markets available, you could follow the Betting Sites Reviews iis7站长之家 to make things a little easier when wading through all of the options.

Below is a rundown of some of the most popular markets that will likely be available when the betting options for Afghanistan vs Ireland are released.

Outright Afghanistan vs Ireland Series Winner Betting

This is a market that, if used correctly, can see pretty generous odds picked up. Here, you will be betting on which of the two sides you believe will come out on top at the end of the three-match series. With this market, you can generally back Afghanistan, Ireland or a draw. As previously mentioned, it is a very good idea to do your research before backing a market and this one is no different. The historic results between the sides mean this series will likely be hotly contested once again, and this could provide decent value on either side winning.

Best Betting Sites for Series Winner Betting: bet365 and Betway 

Top Series Batsman Betting

This market will see you looking to back the batsman you think will score the most runs across the ODI series. Here, you should ensure that the batsman you are backing is adept at playing on certain types of pitches against certain bowlers. For example, if a player was batting in Australia and struggled against short, quick bowling, you would not back them as Australian pitches are generally flat and dry, meaning they are a dream to play on for fast bowlers. Similarly, if a batsman has a problem against in-swing, you would not back them if they are going to come up against James Anderson in England when the pitch is green and the conditions are overcast. You should therefore take heed of this when Ireland travel to Afghanistan. Of course, if an Irish batsman decides to go after the bowling and gets to the pitch of the ball consistently so that it does not get the chance to spin, then perhaps he would constitute a good bet to top score, although as a rule of thumb, a player that is adept at playing these conditions should be backed to top score.

Best Betting Sites For Top Series Batsman Betting: bet365 and Betway 

To Score A Century

This type of betting market is focused on each individual match. Here, you will be wagering on whether you think a player will score a century (100 runs) in the game. While the ‘yes’ option in this market is usually odds-on, it should not be taken for granted that a century will be scored. Indeed, if you do your research properly and find out that the pitch is particularly slow and gives little help to the batsmen, it may be an adept choice to back a century not to be scored. However, most of the bowlers will have to be playing at the top of their game to ensure no centuries are scored with the shorter formats of cricket tending to see the batsmen come out on top against their bowling couter-parts more often than not. This has been because the boundaries have tended to be smaller on pitches, meaning the batsmen do not have to connect as well to clear the ropes, while pitches have not offered as much to bowlers, meaning batsmen can just pick the line and hit through it.

Best Betting Sites for To Score A Century Betting: bet365 and Betway 

Top Opening Partnership

Again, this is a betting market that is centred on a single match, rather than the series. Here, you will be wagering on which opening pair you think will outscore the other in any given match. For example, if you think Afghanistan’s opening partnership have looked shaky throughout the series while Ireland’s has looked strong, you would back the Irish pair to outscore their opponents. ODI cricket is such a fast-paced game that an opening pair that are going well can be separated early because one may decide to try to accelerate the run rate at any given time. This means that it can sometimes be beneficial to back a less-extravagant partnership as they may lean towards trying to build a solid foundation in an unspectacular fashion which may lead to more dependable scores. Of course, if you are backing against a partnership that has been in inspired form over their last few matches then you will likely get good value, but the odds will surely be stacked against you.

Best Betting Sites For Top Opening Partnership Betting: 888Sport, bet365 and Unibet

Tournament Structure for Afghanistan vs Ireland ODI Series

The ODI series between Afghanistan and Ireland will be played out across three matches.

1st ODIJanuary 18th, 2021 Sheikh Zayed Stadium
2nd ODIJanuary 21st, 2021Sheikh Zayed Stadium
3rd ODIJanuary 23rd, 2021Sheikh Zayed Stadium

Simply put, the winner of the series will be decided by which team wins the most matches. As soon as one side gets to two wins, they will take the series victory. Of course, the series could end in a draw if neither side wins a single match, both win one game apiece and draw the other, or if the series is abandoned due to the weather.

History of Afghanistan vs Ireland ODI Games

Afghanistan and Ireland have only ever played out a total of six series across their history in ODI cricket. The first series took place in 2016, with the 2-2 scoreline seeing Afghanistan return home with a share of the spoils after travelling to Ireland. Since then, Afghanistan have secured victory in two series, while Ireland have clinched one series win back in the 2017/18 series. The last series between the two was played in 2019, and so it end all square, with the two matches shared equally.

Past Winners of Afghanistan vs Ireland

2019Ireland1-1 Draw
2018/19Ireland 2-2 Draw
2018Ireland2-1 Afghanistan
2017/18Afghanistan 2-1 Ireland
2016/17Afghanistan 3-2 Afghanistan
2017 Ireland 2-2 Draw

Afghanistan vs Ireland Key Stats

  • Afghanistan have won two of the six series played between the pair.
  • A series draw has been the most common result between the pair in ODI cricket.
  • The two met for the first time in ODI cricket in 2016.
  • The last time the two met Mohammad Shahzad notched an impressive 101 from 88 as he led Afghanistan to a comfortable 126 run win.

Afghanistan vs Ireland Betting FAQs

Will Afghanistan vs Ireland Be Popular To Bet On?

Yes, Afghanistan vs Ireland should be quite a popular series to bet on. Some cricket matches and series have had to be cancelled in recent months, so bettors will be keen to bet on the upcoming series. Bookmakers will likely cater to both novice and experienced bettors, with the likes of match-winner, to score a century and to win the toss offering alongside top series batsman, top series wicket-taker and series winner. If the standard markets are offered as normal, then there will be a glut of betting options available. This was the case with IPL betting, with the delayed tournament seeing a huge amount of interest from cricket fans and bettors from around the world.

Who Will Win the Afghanistan vs Ireland Series?

This question is a little more difficult to answer as there is no definitive answer. You can only really study the form books of the two, their previous results and which players they have available before making your decision if you decide to wager on your own. However, if you decide to utilise some of our betting tips and predictions, then you will get the extensive knowledge that our tipsters have alongside fantastic Afghanistan vs Ireland betting insight. Of course, nobody can be certain who will come out on top in the series as it is so closely contested, but this is what makes betting on cricket so exciting. With certain matches you are often able to make them even more exciting by watching it on TV or via live cricket streaming sites.

What Are The Most Popular Afghanistan vs Ireland Betting Markets?

As previously mentioned, there should be a pretty decent array of betting markets available for this series. These will range from the standard match markets like match winner, top opening partnership and top wicket-taker to more niche ones like to win the toss. You can also bet on series options like to win the series, top runs scorer and top wicket-taker, with these options usually available before and during the series.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Betting on the ODI series between Afghanistan and Ireland will likely give you all of the options you have come to expect when you bet on any major cricketing event. Of course, this series will not be as popular as The Ashes or the Cricket World Cup, but it will still be well received by cricket betting fans. With a series like this you should ensure that you do your research as simply going onto your favourite betting site and backing a side or a player will not always work out. You could also utilise the expert Afghanistan vs Ireland tips and predictions we have on-site, which gives you the opportunity to back tips from our experienced tipsters. If you do decide to bet on Afghanistan vs Ireland then we would recommend utilising any of the bookmakers on site, but we were particularly impressed by bet365 and Betway for Afghanistan vs Ireland betting.

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