Best Betting VIP And Loyalty Programmes in India (2021)

Betting VIP programmes and loyalty bonuses add extra value to your wager, the latter especially helping you beef up your winnings. These often come in the form of VIP bonuses, loyalty bonuses, multi-tier loyalty schemes, prize drops, free bets, gifts, and a slew of other perks.

The Best India Betting VIP Programmes and Betting Loyalty Programmes

  • Hosts ‘The Ten Club’ betting VIP programme
  • Personal account manager + Tailored deals to suit individual preferences
  • Private WhatsApp messaging + VIP tournaments + Lightning quick withdrawals

  • Dedicated account managers with the 10Cric betting VIP programme
  • VIP bonuses + Loyalty bonuses + Cashbacks
  • One of the best bookies for cricket betting and live betting
  • Storied betting loyalty programmes for Indians
  • VIP managers + Invitations to prestigious events
  • VIP bonuses + Loyalty bonuses + Exclusive promos + Massive FS
  • VIP bonuses and monthly prize draws
  • Handsome welcome offer up to ₹80,000
  • Ready reckoner on bonus terms and how loyalty/VIP bonuses work
  • Storied loyalty schemes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Welcome offers + Incentives + High gaming rebates + Exclusive tournaments
  • Daily VIP bonuses + 24/7 VIP support + Fast payouts + Higher deposit limits
  • 7-Level betting VIP programme
  • Fast cash-out + Birthday bonus + Sunday FS + Live tournaments
  • Personal account manager + Monthly cashback + Higher deposit/cash-out limits
  • Become eligible for VIP cashback simply by registering
  • Exclusive deals and promos + VIP support
  • One of the best bookies for Indians
  • Super quick one-click registration
  • 8-Tier casino VIP cashback
  • Exclusive promos, loyalty cashback, and 24/7 customer support at the highest level

The Top 5 Betting Loyalty Programmes in India

  1. 10bet
  2. 10Cric
  4. Dafabet
  5. Betiton

What Are Betting VIP Programmes? Why Do VIP Bonuses Matter?

  • Betting VIP programmes are a common feature across some of India’s best sports betting sites and online casinos. In most cases, you will find VIP bonuses and loyalty schemes at bookmakers with a casino section.
  • What constitutes a betting loyalty programme will depend on the bookie/casino in question. Usually, VIP/loyalty bonuses follow a multi-tier structure, like the Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum format at Dafabet and Betiton.
  • However, at CricketBettingAdvice, we consider any promo that rewards consistent, long-term use of a particular site to be a betting loyalty programme.
  • The difference between a VIP programme and regular promotions is that you can access the latter even if you’re not consistently using the betting services of that website. That’s precisely why some of the top betting offers in India are not a part of betting VIP programmes.

Advantages of Betting VIP Programmes in India

Of course, loyalty bonuses are really the highlight, but there’s a lot more to the top-ranked betting VIP programmes. Other perks include:

  • Faster payouts
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Higher betting limits
  • Higher odds on select events
  • Birthday bonuses
  • Exclusive prizes, including gadgets and vacations
  • Top-notch 24×7 customer support

The rewards you get with betting VIP programmes in India are exclusive. Apart from the standard (and rewarding) loyalty bonuses, these tailored packages serve your unique waging style and preferences, making you feel special.

Benefits of The Best Betting VIP Programmes in India


10bet’s VIP programme, The Ten Club, is as exclusive as it can get. These folks have gone beyond the usual cookie-cutter approach, delivering first-rate VIP services in a sustainable fashion, while staying committed to responsible gambling at the same time.

The Ten Club is an experience. There’s nothing else to say.

a screenshot of the ten club

The Ten Club Benefits

Personal account manager
VIP bonus and loyalty bonus on special occasions
Invitation to hospitality events
Private WhatsApp Service 24/7
Personalised deals and promos
VIP cash prize tournaments
Instant withdrawals
Redeem bonuses faster
Exclusive VIP offers

100% Casino Welcome Bonus + 25 FS


If you’re big on cricket betting, 10Cric is really the one-stop shop. It is hands down one of the best cricket betting sites where you can wager on some of the top cricket tournaments from around the world. Their betting VIP programme is tailored for Indian punters, with a raft of exclusive promotions and competitions.

vip offers on 10cric

The 10CRIC VIP Programme Benefits

Weekly VIP free bets on IPL
Dedicated account managers
Regular cashbacks
VIP bonus + Loyalty bonus
Special gifts on festivals
Birthday gifts (VIP concert and sports tickets)
Latest gadgets

Deposit ₹1,000, Bet With ₹2,500

Designed for the modern-day bettor, has a spiffy and straightforward website that makes browsing a walk in the park. Also, it is one of the few sports bookies offering Bitcoin as a payment option. However, entry to their betting VIP programme is invitation-only. The best way to access’s loyalty scheme is to keep playing, and the operator will alert you once you scale up to the top tier.

sportsbet vip VIP Programme Benefits

Dedicated account manager
Invitations to prestigious events
Exclusive VIP bonuses, offers, and promos


This has to be one of the most comprehensive betting VIP programmes in India. There are four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You start at Bronze and then gradually level up every time you wager or play casino games. With each rung in the VIP ladder, you get beefier VIP bonuses, loyalty schemes, and a raft of other exclusive deals.

Entry to the Platinum level is by invitation-only.

Dafabet levels

Dafabet Betting Loyalty Programme Benefits

Welcome incentives and reload bonuses
Daily rewards and loyalty bonuses
Unlimited gaming rebates
24/7 Customer service
Exclusive tournaments with cash prizes
VIP monthly raffle draw
24/7 Account manager (Platinum only)
Premier invites to special events (Platinum only)
Lightning-quick payouts
Higher deposit limits
Access to VIP live table games (Platinum only)
Special access to VIP baccarat table

170% Welcome Bonus Up To ₹16,000


The LeoVegas betting VIP programme offers royal treats, surprises, and the finest level of customer assistance. You can track your progress through the VIP BAR feature, which automatically increases in percentage every time you use the site to place real money bets.

To take part, simply select ‘yes’ to LeoVegas’ communication – this can be done through your profile page. If there’s anything you need to know, the casino’s customer support team will get in touch with you.

Leovegas vip experience screenshot

LeoVegas Betting VIP Programme Benefits

Premium customer service
Special surprises
Monthly prize draws
Invites to exclusive VIP events
Dedicated account manager
Personal payment and withdrawal service
Birthday prizes

Welcome Bonus Up To ₹80,000


Betiton’s betting VIP programme is a 7-tiered structure: New Member, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premium, Prestige. When you join, you’ll be slotted in the New Member level. Here are a few important points about Betiton’s loyalty programme:

  • All loyalty benefits take effect the day after you’ve been upgraded.
  • You are eligible for only 1 VIP bonus a day.
  • Reward point redemption rate will vary from one level to the next.
  • Access to the Premium and Prestige levels are on an invitation-only basis.

betiton loyalty program

Betiton Betting VIP Programme Benefits

Betiton VIP programme benefits

100% Welcome Offer + 50 FS


There’s no betting loyalty programme per se, but 1xBet has an 8-level VIP cashback programme. You start at Level 1 (copper) and gradually move up the ladder as you keep playing more real-money casino games. Of course, the higher the level, the more robust is the VIP bonus and cashback. Once you reach the top level, you’ll be eligible for exclusive deals, round-the-clock support, and loyalty cashbacks.

A massive plus for 1xBet is that it offers one of the best cricket betting apps.

vip cashback on 1xbet screenshot

1xBet Betting VIP Programme Benefits

1xbet vip program

100% First Deposit Bonus Up To ₹10,000


The MELbet VIP cashback programme is identical to 1xBet. There are eight levels in the loyalty programme, where you start from Level 1 (copper) and gradually move up by playing more real-money games.

MELbet Betting VIP Programme Benefits

melbet vip program

100% First Deposit Bonus Up To ₹8,000

Actionable Tips to Maximise VIP Programme Benefits

  • Understand the betting loyalty programme

Please understand that loyalty schemes aren’t for free; the casino or the bookie expects something in return. Therefore, it’s wise to go through the fine print in painstaking detail before kicking off with a specific betting VIP programme. This way, you can also take note of anything that may be particularly crucial.

  • Choose the right events

For the most part, you’ve got to choose the right games when chasing VIP bonuses or a particular tier. Online casinos often feature exclusive games that allow you to bag extra VIP points. While some operators offer such games throughout the year, a few will make them available on special occasions (or only on certain days of the week).

  • Know limits and deadlines (if any)

It is imperative that you verify if there are timelines and limitations associated with your preferred India betting VIP programme. Some loyalty schemes come with an expiry period, after which you’d not be able to convert the accumulated points into real cash. However, there are multiple operators that don’t restrict you to a specific timeline. The VIP programmes here are indefinite and can be used at any point in time.

  • Contact customer care when in doubt

You may not understand everything there is to certain loyalty bonuses and betting VIP programmes. The best way to remove any shred of doubt is to contact the operator’s customer support team. Usually, you get the helpdesk number and other details on the ‘Home’ page itself.

VIP Bonus vs. Loyalty Bonus

One generally uses these two terms interchangeably, and there’s good reason behind it. That’s because both VIP bonuses and loyalty bonuses are designed to reward you for being a regular customer at a particular casino/bookmaker. But there is, in fact, a difference between the two.

Betting Loyalty Programmes / Loyalty Bonus

These are based on regular promotions. Everyone can take part and claim these. Examples of loyalty schemes are reload bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, and special deals.

Betting VIP Programmes / VIP Bonus

These also rely on the ‘loyalty’ factor. But there’s typically a minimum monthly deposit (or wagering requirement) you must meet to access a betting VIP programme. Also, these are usually tailored for people who spend more than the average amount. In casino/betting parlance, they’re called the high-rollers. Simply put, VIP programmes make sense if you have a fat bankroll.

Betting VIP Programme Pros & Cons

  • VIP bonuses tailored to your taste
  • Mix of VIP bonuses, cashbacks, personal account managers, and real-world prizes
  • Dedicated customer support team available 24×7
  • Typically high wagering (and deposit) requirements to level up

  • Regular wagering and deposits required to maintain your VIP status

Betting Loyalty Programme Pros & Cons

  • Usually accessible to all
  • Mix of loyalty bonuses, including free spins and cashbacks
  • Loyalty bonuses usually require no minimum deposits
  • Involves a cap on winning limits and other wagering requirements
  • Loyalty bonuses are typically smaller than VIP bonuses; they feel less exclusive

How to Access Betting VIP Programmes?

There are multiple ways for you to join a betting loyalty programme in India, but the specifics will depend on the online casino or the sports betting site.

  • For the most part, operators will automatically enrol you in a loyalty programme, meaning you’ll be put on the bottom tier of the VIP club once you register with the site. As you start playing for real money and accumulating points, you’ll inch closer to the VIP programme, much like how LeoVegas does it.
  • However, with some gambling sites, you’ll have to stick to a pre-set monthly deposit to get access to the VIP club.
  • And then there are some instances where neither option works. Here, you’ll have to wait for an invitation from the operator itself to enter into the betting VIP programme. However, that won’t come easy. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time and money on the site and play regularly.

So, if you play every once in a while, only stake low sums, bet at low odds, and withdraw your winnings frequently, you may not be deemed eligible by the casino / bookmaker.

Therefore, to be considered for a betting VIP programme in India, you will likely have to bet regularly, do so on high odds, and make regular deposits. And in case the invitation still doesn’t come by, you can always contact customer support over how you can join their betting loyalty programme.

But, But, But

Here’s the most crucial part. Never bet beyond your limits to become a VIP member (or any other reason, for that matter). If you follow responsible gambling and that doesn’t put you up for VIP bonuses, it doesn’t matter. Please don’t chase these any more than you’d chase losses. True, the best India betting VIP programmes offer excellent value, but that should not come before your financial safety.

Betting VIP Programme and Loyalty Bonus FAQs

Which bookmakers offer the best loyalty schemes and VIP bonuses?

We have already listed the top eight bookmakers and casinos offering the best betting VIP programmes in India. If you ask us off the cuff, we’ll vote for 10bet, 10Cric,, and Dafabet.

Will all bookies offer betting VIP programmes?

No. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth it. They’re still excellent options for a safe and rewarding sports betting experience. However, if you’re keen on VIP bonuses and loyalty schemes, we recommend you take a look at the top betting VIP programmes above.

Is my loyalty bonus taxable?

No. A loyalty bonus taken individually is not taxable. But in India, the current Income Tax diktat is that earnings – from any form of offline or online gambling – exceeding ₹10,000 are subjected to a flat 30 percent tax. Add to that the Health and Education cess of 4 percent, and the effective tax on all gambling-related winnings is 31.2 percent.

How do I recognise a good VIP programme?

Here, the overarching concept is that a casino or a sports betting site must offer frequent high-quality rewards for a reasonable number of deposits/bets on the site. Essentially, it is the reward-to-deposit ratio that really separates the top-notch India betting VIP programmes from the average.

How do I get an invitation to a VIP club?

If the operator has an invite-only loyalty scheme, then your access to the VIP programme will likely depend on how much (read betting on high odds and making large deposits) and how frequently you bet on that site.

What happens to my VIP status if I don’t bet frequently enough?

Your VIP membership will stay valid, but that’ll likely be a temporary affair. Usually, you will have to keep betting at sizeable odds so that you don’t level down in the operator’s VIP tier.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

In all fairness, betting VIP programmes aren’t for the casual bettor. So, it is really your call if you want to opt in for VIP bonuses. But at CricketBettingAdvice, we will recommend loyalty programmes simply because of the advantages and value-addition on offer. From dedicated account managers and birthday gifts to exclusive promos/loyalty bonuses and hefty cashbacks, a well-designed betting VIP programme is truly something to savour.

That said, our standard health warning will always apply here. Please, never bet beyond your means in your pursuit of that tempting VIP badge. Nothing matters more than your financial security, so don’t go for what you cannot afford.

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