The Best Betting Offers for Indian Players to Redeem (2021)

The best cricket betting sites attract customers by offering exciting betting promotions. In this blog, we cover the types of betting offers and how to pick them, wagering requirements, and the leading websites providing some of the best betting offers in India.

The Top 14 Betting Offers in India

  • 100% Deposit bonus up to ₹10,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.40
  • 5x Turnover
  •  Deposit ₹1000 and Bet With ₹2500
  • Minimum odds of 1.60
  • 12x Turnover
  • 100% Deposit Bonus up to ₹10,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.50
  • 5x Turnover
  • 100% Deposit bonus up to ₹10,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.40
  • 5x Turnover
  • 100% up to ₹8000
  • Minimum odds of 1.50
  • 3x Turnover
  • 100% Deposit bonus up to ₹2,500
  • Minimum odds of 1.75
  • 10x Turnover
  • Deposit ₹1,000, Get ₹1,000 free bet
  • Minimum odds of 1.50
  • 10x Turnover
  • 100% welcome bonus up to ₹80,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.80
  • 8x Turnover
  • 150%  welcome bonus up to ₹15,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.40
  • 5x Turnover
  • 100% Deposit bonus up to ₹.8,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.50
  • 6x Turnover
  • 170% Deposit bonus up to ₹16,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.50
  • 15x Turnover
  • 100% Deposit Bonus up to ₹9,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.50
  • 6x Turnover
  • 15% Deposit in bet credits up to ₹4,000
  • Minimum odds of 1.20
  • 12x Turnover of deposit
  • Free Bet Every Week Worth ₹500
  • Minimum odds of 1.75
  • 3x Turnover

Best Betting Offers in India – Top 5 Ranked

  1. 1xBet
  2. 10CRIC
  3. NetBet
  4. 22Bet
  5. MELbet

What is a Betting Offer?

Betting offers are bonuses and promotions awarded by betting sites to attract new customers and retain existing punters. They're also opportunities for bettors to increase their winnings while incentivising them to regularly place bets with the bookmaker in question.

The offers are granted in various forms, such as welcome bonuses and free bets (more on this later).

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How to Claim a Betting Offer

The first step towards claiming a betting offer is to sign up to a betting site. Then, be sure to follow the terms and conditions of that particular offer closely in order to claim it successfully. There are a few other things to keep in mind, but we'll go over those later on in this article. 

What's in It for Betting sites?

Betting offers typically give customers access to some bets or features at zero or nominal cost. All such offers provide more value than what the bettors pay (or not pay).

So, what does the betting site stand to gain by providing betting offers?

Well, customer loyalty!

The betting industry is constantly evolving, resulting in a hyper-competitive environment. Consequently, bookmakers are constantly seeking ways of attracting more customers, while retaining the interest of their existing base. Betting offers serve as the best way to do so, and help build customer loyalty.

As the user base increases, so does the site's overall revenue and user trust, a critical element that determines success in the betting industry. Bettors avoid shady or websites with an insignificant user base like the plague.

Once bettors are convinced that a particular website regularly provides betting offers and is trustworthy, they are less likely to sign up elsewhere. In addition, they will also recommend that website to their friends and family.

So, all in all, these betting offers are carefully planned and promoted, with both bettors and bookmakers ultimately gaining from them. 

Most Popular Betting Offers

There are dozens of betting sites in the market, offering hundreds of betting offers from which you can make your choice. However, if you pause and take a detailed look, you will notice some similarities.

Most of the leading bookmakers display their betting offers under the ‘Promotions’ tab or on their home page.

Below, we bring to you the six most popular types of betting offers dominating the Indian betting industry. Read on to find out how the offers operate and how you can make full use of them.

New Customer Offers

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Reserved exclusively for new customers, these are the most popular, rewarding and attractive betting offers provided by almost every betting site. All prospective customers compare these offers across multiple websites before zeroing in on a bookmaker to sign up and place bets with.

These offers can take the form of bet credits or a first transaction offer.

New customers can claim these offers as soon as they register their account and make the first transaction. Every site has their own eligibility requirements for claiming these betting offers, but the universal, essential requirement is to simply make an account and log in.

You can find such offers in the promotions tab or by clicking on the Sign-Up button of the website.

Deposit Bonuses

Available to new and existing customers, deposit bonuses are staple betting offers provided by most of the sites throughout the year.

These bonuses are dependent on the size of your deposit – the bigger it is, the bigger the bonus.

Some bookmakers offer a 100% or even 200% deposit bonus. For instance, if you deposit ₹1,000 in your betting wallet, a 100% deposit bonus offer will give you another ₹1,000 in your betting account.

However, all betting sites have a limit to the maximum bonus they can offer. It’s advisable to read the deposit bonus limit before you deposit money, and not just go by the highlighted percentage.

An offer might highlight ‘50% deposit bonus’ and mention a ‘maximum bonus ₹10,000’ within the small print. This means the maximum you can get as a bonus is ₹10,000, whether you deposit ₹20,000 or ₹30,000.

No Deposit Bonuses

Extremely popular in casino games, this is another type of bonus given as a fixed sum to players without any need for deposits. However, the bonus would be of a limited amount – say a hundred or five hundred rupees. There is no harm in accepting such bonuses, though. Even if the offer expires, you do not stand to lose anything.

The purpose of a no deposit bonus is to encourage customers to try their hand at new games. Betting sites also use this offer as a tool to push customers towards certain activities which they would otherwise ignore, like verifying their account details, providing bank details, and the like.

Increased Odds

Also known as boosted or enhanced odds, this betting offer increases the odds of a particular betting event for bettors. This type of offer has picked up a lot of pace, and is an exciting way to increase customer participation.

In case you win a bet using this offer, your increased earnings will be paid either in actual funds or in the form of bet credits. There is a maximum cap on earnings using the boosted odds, with the time validity of such odds also limited.

These odds are not available for all markets. As a bettor, you can request the bookmaker to provide you boosted odds. If available for your market or selection, you can access such odds and place bets accordingly.

For certain markets or events (such as a clear winner in a tennis match) bookmakers have to make more efforts to add excitement and draw a sizeable number of bets. 

In such cases, the bookmaker may exponentially increase the odds for the underdog winning – for instance, they may increase it from 3.0 to 18.00. Looking at such high odds certainly draws the attention of bettors, and some of them will place bets on these odds to try their luck in the rare event of the underdog winning.

However, always keep in mind that odds are created and released only after considerable analysis. If odds heavily favour one team, then be ready to lose your entire stake if you bet your money on the underdog without having properly thought it through. 


Cashback offers provide a certain percentage of the bet amount back to the bettors once the event is over.

Several betting sites customise this offer to provide certain portion of the bet losses to their users. For example, sites may offer ‘10% cashback on all losses for 30 days’. This attraction of receiving a part of their losses back, however small, in the form of cash, draws customers to those sites in order to place bets.

Some betting sites also design offers, such as ‘30% cashback on first 5 bets’, irrespective of wins or losses to lure new bettors.

Free Bets

As the name suggests, free bets are bets that betting sites allow their customers to make for free. However, in most cases, you need to make a bet or deposit a certain amount to be eligible to receive free bets. Free bets are often provided instead of cash in a cashback offer.

In most cases, you get a free bet of an equivalent (or less or more too) amount which you have placed. Several terms and conditions are attached to such free bets, like their validity, minimum odds, withdrawal options, and applicability. Be sure to read all terms and wagering requirements before depositing money to get free bets.

While this the gist of a free bet, there are several variations. For example, several leading bookmakers provide first-time users with an offer to receive a free bet if they lose their first bet.

Mobile Betting Offers

Betting via mobile app is the new trend that is rapidly gaining momentum. Online bookmakers are also interested in promoting this trend among users, as the frequency of user activity, apart from the ease of use, is higher on smartphones.

Bookmakers who have developed mobile betting apps also grant various betting offers exclusive to mobile app users. These can be sign-up offers, exclusive bonus deals, free bets for installing and registering an account using the mobile app, and other similar promotions.

Some sites may ask you to download the app using the link provided on the mobile site or require you to use the promotion code displayed on its website to claim the mobile app offers.

Leading bookmakers invest a lot of resources to develop cricket betting apps. Not only do the latter provide the same experience as desktop versions, but they're also as secure and safe to use as the website version. So, there is no harm in downloading the app to get some bonuses or offers in return!

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements, also known as playthrough requirements, are a standard inclusion in the terms and conditions of every betting offer.

The wagering requirement is the multiplying factor that indicates the number of times you will have to wager your offer money or bonus before you are eligible to withdraw it. The wagering requirements are printed in the terms and conditions of the offer.

Let’s illustrate the concept with an example:

You see a 200% deposit bonus for a cricket match and accept it. The wagering requirement (WR) is 10x.

You deposit ₹100 and get ₹200 as the deposit bonus. However, considering the wagering requirement, you will need to wager ₹2,000 (Bonus Amount x WR) before you can withdraw your pending earnings.

This WR does not mean you have to deposit ₹2,000. It simply means that you will have to place total bets of at least ₹2,000 before you can withdraw money from your betting account.

Please Note: Some bookmakers also require bettors to wager the initial amount – in this case, ₹100. This will take the total amount to be wagered to ₹2100.

Minimum Odds

Betting offers are also accompanied with the condition of minimum odds. Minimum odds indicate the odd value requirement to which you must adhere to be eligible for converting your offer money into cash.

Suppose a bonus offer mentions ‘minimum odds 1.50’ in its terms, then all your bets pertinent to that offer should be on odds of the value 1.50 or higher. You can place bets on lower odds but that will not contribute to converting your bonus money into cash.

Minimum odds requirement is extremely important for calculating wagering requirements. If you place bets lower than the minimum odds, then that wager amount will not be counted to meet your wagering requirement target. For example, your wagering requirement for a bonus offer is ₹ 2000 with minimum odds of 1.50. Now, if you place bets of ₹ 500 on betting markets with odds of 1.20, then that ₹ 500 will not contribute to fulfilling your wagering requirement.

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Betting Offers

Apart from thoroughly understanding the essential terms and conditions, like the wagering requirements and minimum odds, you should also keep a few more things in mind while choosing or claiming betting offers.


Nothing is more important than the bookmaker’s reputation. Do not be blinded by the allure of high bonuses and seemingly attractive betting offers unless you can verify the authenticity of the betting site. Several fly-by-the-night bookmakers display exciting offers with the potential of high returns and take money from bettors, never to show their face again.

You must also understand that betting offers are business decisions, meaning bookmakers need to draw limits somewhere in order to protect their bottom line. Always check the authenticity of bookmakers and do their background checks before accepting their betting offers.

Offer Validity

The devil is in the details. Betting offers will only highlight the part which will draw you to them, including clauses such as ‘100% Bonus’, ‘10x returns’, and the likes. But the actual details are mentioned below in the small print. One such condition is offer validity.

Most betting offers have a limited period for which they remain valid. You cannot enjoy the benefits of those offers after they expire. So, always check the validity period before jumping to claim any offers; otherwise, you may risk losing or wasting your money.

Other Terms and Conditions

There are several terms and conditions with which bettors must comply before they can enjoy the full advantage of that offer. For example, some offers may only be applicable:

  • To a particular sports category
  • On certain days of the week
  • Up to a specified bet amount
  • Through using specific payment methods
  • To a particular geographical region

Thus, it is best if you thoroughly read all the terms and conditions before accepting any offer.

Best Betting Offers FAQs

What are bet credits?

Bet credits are points earned on depositing real money, similar to credit card points or travel miles. These bet credits have a money equivalent that can be used for placing bets. For example, 10 INR may be equivalent to 100 bet credits. The ratio varies from site to site.

Which are some of the best betting sites for offers related to cricket?

Our list at the beginning of this article features betting sites highly renowned for sports betting. However, we would say that  1xBet, Cricket Betting Blog iis7站长之家, and 10CRIC are the top three standouts. 

Do I need to be a VIP member to claim betting offers?

No, not at all. Most betting offers can be claimed by anyone. However, there are certain offers which are exclusively designed only for new customers.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Betting offers are key to the online betting experience, and so you should take full advantage of such promotions to enhance your earnings. However, always be sure to claim offers from reputed and trustworthy betting sites only. Avoid unknown bookmakers with no apparent betting background or history.

Importantly, always read the terms and conditions to derive maximum value from your bets. Remember to bet safely and responsibly! 

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