Best Field Hockey Betting Sites, Odds, and Tips (2021)

Field hockey has a loyal fanbase whose enthusiasm mirrors just how riveting the sport is. As the number of field hockey betting sites continues to steadily increase, this article will run through what you need to know about betting on this sport. 

Recommended Field Hockey Betting Sites 2021

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5 Best Field Hockey Betting Sites 2021

  1. bet365
  2. Dafabet
  3. Unibet
  4. 1xBet
  5. 22bet

Introduction to Field Hockey

Before you go all out with field hockey betting, you should know the primary rules of this sport. In this section, we'll go through the basics. Of course, this isn’t comprehensive, and we suggest you check out the official website of Hockey India for more detailed technical rules and regulations.

That out of the way, let’s begin.

  • A team can field a maximum of 11 players, including one goalkeeper.
  • In field hockey, players are allowed to score only with the flat side of the stick.
  • Apart from the goalkeeper, nobody can control the ball using their feet, hands, or any other part of the body.
  • A field goal (one that is scored in open play) is deemed valid only if it has been scored from inside the ‘striking circle’. If the ball is struck from outside this circle, it will not be considered a goal.

The team which scores the most goals wins. In the case of a draw, a penalty shoot-out typically determines the winner. Hockey is a non-contact sport, which means no tripping, no pushing, no charging, and no assaulting.

Introduction to Field Hockey Betting

Unlike its icy cousin, field hockey doesn’t require an optimum climate or expensive gear – all you need is a hockey field and a team.

One can argue, but India has probably been the most successful in field hockey as of today. Of the nine gold medals at the Summer Olympics, eight of them (1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1964, and 1980) have been awarded for field hockey.

As athletes (and spectators) prepare for Tokyo 2021, here’s a quick look at India’s history at the Summer Olympics.

Did you know?

Despite the spectre of WW2 looming large, the 1936 Berlin Olympics was still a massive success. Something special transpired on one of the matchdays when India was playing the United States and was 10-0 up by halftime. The then US field hockey captain had complained about the stick being used by his Indian counterpart and hockey wizard, Major Dhyan Chand. When the second half began, Dhyan Chand, in a surprising move, swapped his hockey stick with that of the US captain, probably in an attempt to pacify his counterpart and address any misgivings. India went on to score 11 more goals in the second half and eventually won the match by a staggering 21-1!

While India doesn’t have one national sport, hockey commands a formidable and passionate following, one that almost rivals that of cricket. Sure, hockey could be past its glory days in the country, but India remains a powerhouse, now gearing up to host the 15th edition of the Men’s Hockey World Cup in 2023.

Thanks to the legacy of the sport, and the fact that it makes for exciting viewing, the best sports betting sites in India offer competitive field hockey odds and betting markets. That being said, field hockey betting is still an afterthought for most bookies. More often than not, you will likely come across ice hockey if you search for field hockey odds and hockey tips.

In addition, punters from this part of the world typically look out for the best cricket betting sites instead of field hockey betting. However, therein lies an excellent punting opportunity. Because there is a relative dearth of dedicated field hockey betting markets, hockey odds usually vary wildly from one bookie to the next, especially a few days to a match or a tournament. So, while you should stick to your favourite, don’t forget to compare hockey odds when doing your research.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Popular Field Hockey Betting Markets

Betting opportunities for field hockey are almost identical to the ones you’d get for other team sports. At the best hockey betting sites, you should, needless to say, get a decent mix of field hockey betting markets. However, it is also worth noting that hockey odds and bets will depend on the repute of the competition.

This means that you may not have the same staggering amount of field hockey betting markets that you'd otherwise find for the top cricket tournaments. Having said that, come the Olympic Games in 2021 and the Men’s Hockey World Cup in 2023, you should be fully covered in this regard.

Full Time Result

In this field hockey betting market, you simply back the team you think will win a particular match. There can only be three outcomes: home team victory (1), away team victory (2), and draw (X). Of course, the team likely to win will carry lower odds, whereas the underdogs will have longer odds assigned by the bookie.

Your job is to consider the match, compare hockey odds, and put your money on the result that offers more value relative to the risk.

Best field hockey betting site for Full Time Result: bet365


Here, the bookie assigns a particular score, and your objective is to predict whether the number of goals scored in a field hockey game would be over or under that number.

Let's say that the over/under number for goals scored is set at 5.5. Suppose Team A defeats Team B 4-0 in the game. In this case, an over bet would’ve lost, while an under bet would’ve won.

Best field hockey betting site for Over/Under: Unibet

Point Spread

Like any other team sport, there's usually a noticeable difference in quality between two sides in a match. You can resort to handicap betting in such a scenario, which means assigning an early advantage by adding (or subtracting) few points from a team’s perceived score.

Suppose Team A is stronger on paper. Chances are they won’t carry the most competitive hockey odds, given the gap in ability compared to Team B. In that case, the best hockey betting sites may take a point from Team A. Then, you back Team A at -1, which means that for your wager to win, Team A would have to win by a minimum margin of two goals.

Best field hockey betting site for Point Spread: BETWINNER

Outright Betting

This market simply requires you to back the team you think will win the entire tournament. For example, you could put your money on India winning the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup.

The most significant advantage of this field hockey betting market is that odds are typically always on the higher side, considering it is a futures market. So, if your prediction does turn out to be correct, you can enjoy a generous payout.

Best field hockey betting site for Outright Betting: 1xBet

Prop Bets

Props can be anything but for the winner of a particular match or tournament. While prop bets are a rarity in field hockey betting, you could find this occasional market in some of the more reputed tournaments. Examples of prop bets include predicting who would score the first goal, which goalkeeper would save more, and the like.

Best field hockey betting sites for prop bets: Dafabet | bet365

Fantasy Hockey

Fantasy sports betting is the new rage – take Dream11, for example. Every field hockey team that you create on Dream11 must have a maximum of seven players from one of the teams in that particular match. Likewise, you assign a captain and vice-captain, understand the scoring system, and then play fantasy hockey.

Field Hockey Betting Strategies

In all honesty, field hockey betting tips aren’t much different from those that apply to sports betting in general. The point we’re trying to make is that just like there’s a specific blueprint to how to bet on cricket, there is one for field hockey betting as well. Of course, intuition and luck always play a role (and without them working in tandem, you’re left to your own devices).

However, once you start following these basic strategies, you can even create chances for yourself in the long run. Here are a few field hockey betting strategies that we think could come in handy:

  • Follow the sport

This has to be the numero uno hockey tip. At the centre of betting and being successful at it lies your interest in that sport. There’s no substitute to this; the more you closely follow all the matches, the more familiar you'll become with the basics of the game, as well as stats, records, and individual player/team performances.

Instead of spreading yourself out too much across different tournaments or events, you should pick a favourite league and then focus your efforts on learning the ins and outs of it. With time, you’d be familiar with the teams, players, and how each unit reacts to situations.

Hockey Tip Summary: Learn to love the sport – follow it and study it.

  • Bet on the underdogs

Some of the greatest sporting moments revolve around underdogs triumphing against stronger adversaries. Everyone loves an underdog – except for when it comes to putting your money on them, that is. Field hockey betting is no exception to this truism.

Average punters fancy popular teams and players, and this often leads to a ‘bandwagon effect’. The result? Bookies offering (sometimes incredibly) low odds on the favourites. Likewise, a weaker contestant gets higher odds, and therefore, are better value.

That said, an underdog bet is risky and does call for prudence. We suggest hedging an underdog bet with the more popular bet. That way, even if you were to lose the underdog wager, you’d still be able to profit (albeit not as much) from the other bet.

Hockey Tip Summary: Underdog betting is volatile, but can generate a better payout. Hedge your bet with another wager to avoid losses.

  • Go beyond biases

Sounds simple? It isn’t as easy as you think. Personal bias has led to the downfall of many a punter in the past. Be it field hockey betting or sports betting in general, you need to be careful of letting your emotions cloud your judgement. That doesn’t mean you can't harbour favourites; however, once you set aside your own personal biases, you'll be more able to beat the hockey odds and bookmakers.

Hockey Tip Summary: Stats don’t lie. Stick to the facts and past records. Make sure the feverish sports fan in you doesn’t get the better of the logical punter.

  • Look out for lesser-watched leagues

This is a practical field hockey betting strategy, considering lesser-known leagues typically have higher odds.

For field hockey betting, you should know the various tournaments and leagues that happen worldwide. Here’s a comprehensive list:

Field Hockey Tournaments

Field Hockey TournamentNext EditionMost Recent Champions
Summer Olympics2021, Tokyo (Japan)Argentine (Gold), Belgium (Silver), Germany (Germany)
Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup2023, IndiaBelgium (1st Title)
Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup2022, Spain and NetherlandsNetherlands (8th Title)
Men’s FIH Pro LeagueOngoing currently, dates for the next season haven’t been announcedAustralia (1st Title)
Commonwealth Games2022, EnglandAustralia (6th Title)
Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament-South Korea (3rd Title)

Field Hockey vs. Ice Hockey

While field hockey betting is more relevant in India, ice hockey betting is more popular worldwide. The best hockey betting sites, therefore, have dedicated markets for ice hockey and feature competitive ice hockey odds. Some even provide ice hockey tips, which, while not the most comprehensive, can be useful nuggets of information for starters.

How Is Field Hockey Different From Ice Hockey?

Both versions of the sport are bound by the same objective – to score more goals by the end of a game. However, there are a few differences in the number of active players involved, penalty or foul, game structure, size and surface of the area, and scoring.

BasisField HockeyIce Hockey
Playing SurfaceAstroTurfIce
Number of Active Players6 (1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 3 forwards)11 (1 goalkeeper, 3 forwards, 4 midfielders, 3 defenders)
Game Structure60 minutes (divided into three periods of 20 minutes each)70 minutes (divided into two halves of 35 minutes each)
ScoringPlayers can score from anywhere on the iceA goal can only be scored if the ball is hit from inside the ‘D area’
OffsideNo ‘offside’Two large blue lines to assess if a player is ‘offside’
Stick HandlingPlayers only allowed to hit the ball with the flat side of the stickBoth sides of the stick can be used

Field Hockey Betting FAQs

What are the best field hockey betting sites?

The best field hockey betting sites offering a variety of hockey India markets and competitive hockey odds are bet365, Unibet, Dafabet, and 1xBet. In case your favourite bookmaker isn’t offering field hockey betting at a particular time, get in touch with their customer support and find out if they are planning to offer field hockey odds in the future.

What are the basic rules of field hockey India?

In a nutshell, field hockey India rules are similar to those in football, where:

  • The end goal is to score the maximum number of, well, goals. The difference is that players in field hockey use clubs (the distinctive hook-shaped stick) to score those goals instead of doing that with their feet.
  • Each game typically lasts for 70 minutes (divided into two halves of 35 minutes each), with a 5-minute halftime interval.
  • Much like football, there are 11 players per side (consisting of goalkeepers, midfielders, defenders, and attackers). Of course, certain inner workings of the sport vary, but the overall structure and the objective remain the same.

What is the surface used for field hockey India?

In India, field hockey is almost always played on either grass or AstroTurf.

What is the main difference between field hockey and ice hockey?

As the name suggests, ice hockey is played on ice, within a small rink that measures nearly 61m x 30m. At any point in time, a team can have a maximum of six active players (five outfield players and a goalkeeper) on the ice. Furthermore, ice hockey is played with a puck, and field hockey with a hard, plastic ball.

How can I keep a tab on field hockey fixtures?

Of course, as good as a field hockey betting site may be, it may not be the best place for all the hockey-related information. We recommend, which offers everything from hockey odds to hockey tips and more.

Is live field hockey betting possible?

Live field hockey betting is possible, of course, but it isn’t as common as live IPL betting, for instance. Again, it all comes down to how prevalent field hockey is in your region, or the region of the bookie in question.

That said, if you come across live field hockey betting at any of the top in-play betting sites, make hay while the sun shines (so to speak). Like in any other sport, live betting on field hockey can be a thrilling experience, where you can see the hockey odds change by the second and you bet on the game as it unfolds in front of you.

How important are hockey odds when it comes to field hockey betting?

When it comes to choosing the best field hockey betting sites, always consider the hockey odds on offer. Our above list shows the best hockey betting sites that all offer competitive odds, but we also suggest you zero in on the lower-tier leagues, as they may carry longer prices.

What should I look for in the best hockey betting sites?

Make sure your chosen field hockey betting site offers:

  • Competitive hockey odds
  • Live field hockey betting
  • Multiple field hockey markets
  • Bonuses, free bets, and welcome offers
  • Various betting payment methods
  • 24×7 Customer assistance

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Understand that even in India, field hockey betting isn’t as rampant as, say, football betting. This means you may not find reliable field hockey betting sites as quickly as you’d come across the best football betting sites available to punters. That said, there’s no doubt it is one of the top five sports in India.

Stick to the basics – follow the sport as closely as you can, stay on top of all related news and events worldwide, compare hockey odds, and always stay on top of your money management.

And, of course, be sure to keep all the tips mentioned in this field hockey betting in mind. Best of luck, and remember to bet responsibly!

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