The Ultimate Guide: How to Bet on Cricket Online

Best Cricket Betting Sites for Beginners

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If you think betting is just about adding money to your wallet, selecting any odd, and confirming the bet, then you are highly mistaken. There are several steps that together help you place successful cricket bets online.

We will guide you through the most important points that you should keep in mind to effectively bet on cricket online. Whether experienced or a novice, these steps are followed by all bettors alike:

1. Understand the Basics of the Game

Regardless of the sport, understanding the technicalities and knowing how the game works is key to winning bets.

Cricket is a diverse sport that has significantly evolved over the years. The rules have changed several times, new formats have been added, and its scale has grown to an unprecedented level.

You must gauge a host of factors before placing bets for any cricket match. Below, we have listed down the nine most important factors that will help you select the right bets.

Factors That Influence the Bet

i. Format

There are three formats in which cricket is played:

  • Test: Test cricket is the oldest format where the teams compete in a five-day match. It is the truest form of cricket and tests the endurance of the teams to the fullest.
  • ODI: One-day international or ODI is a limited overs match comprising 50 overs an innings, played in a single day. Unlike Test matches where the game ends before the evening sets in, ODI matches are played during the day and the night.
  • T20: Fondly referred to as 20-20, T20 is the shortest cricket format. The format has only twenty overs in an innings and was only recently launched in 2003.

4 Types of Cricket Formats

Why is it important to know the format?

For instance, consider the 2021 records of England. It is having a good spell in all the formats and has won multiple series against several teams. Therefore, you can safely assume a good performance from England in any format.

But not all teams perform well across all formats. Each team has its forte in a particular format. Bangladesh does not have a strong Test line-up and performs its best in the T20s, while Sri Lanka performs better in Tests than in limited overs cricket.

It is important to know these format dynamics to enhance your bet selection skills.

ii. Team Players

You need to know the performance stats and strengths of the team players included in the playing squad. For batsmen, keep yourself updated with stats like the strike rate, average score, and batting partnerships. For bowlers, keep track of the economy and the wickets taken by them.

Cricket is a game where tables can turn fast, but knowing the team players certainly helps predict the match better to place calculated bets. Such an approach towards betting also increases the winning probabilities as you will place bets after analysing the player performances rather than shooting in the dark.

iii. Pitch

The pitch or the stadium plays a critical role in deciding the match score and how many wickets you can expect from the match.

If it is a black-soil pitch, the target score will not be too high as such pitches favour bowlers, especially spinners. If a pitch has grass coverage, it will favour pacers and batsmen; pacers because the grass assists them in the bounce and speed required to get quick wickets; and batsmen because they can use the bounce to knock some boundaries and chart a good score.

iv. H2H Records & Past Performances

One of the most effective ways to smartly place bets is to look at the H2H (head-to-head) records between the teams and analyse their past performances.

H2H records show how many matches have been played between the teams and how many matches each team has won.

It is easy to find such records and stats on the internet, and following a few KKR vs PBKR Betting: Odds & Prediction (2021) iis7站长之家 such information should do well for designing your betting strategy.

2. How Much Money Can You Risk?

There is no physical exchange of money in online betting, and adding money is fairly fast and simple. If you start betting without a well-set limit, you may end up spending more money than you would have otherwise liked. Therefore, it is essential to estimate how much money you can use for betting.

A rule of thumb in betting is to never rely on betting as a source of income. Always enter the betting field only with that much money, which, if lost, would not affect your daily life and needs.

Set a Limit

Consider your entire betting amount as risk money. Set a certain limit that you would not want to exceed in your betting pursuits. It is essential to plan such limits because impulsive betting to recover lost bets can significantly hamper your financial health. 

The habit of setting limits therefore allows you to enjoy the betting experience without feeling burdened with the fear of losing more money than you can afford to lose.

Most of the best cricket betting sites India allow bettors to enter a betting limit in their wallets to curb gambling addiction and ensure healthy gambling habits, in line with the customer safety measures stated by gambling authorities.

3. Always Do a Pre-Match Analysis of Teams

In addition to looking at the past performances and H2H records, always do a quick match analysis before the game begins. Take a look at the weather reports to get an idea of the dew intensity and rain forecast. Both these factors play a role in determining the game strategy and the toss selection of the teams.

Also, keep a tab on the playing squad since it is usually announced just a day or two before the match, and sometimes even on the day of the match.

There can be sudden line-up changes due to the weather, practice injuries, or tactical changes. For instance, in a T20 match scheduled to be held in a coastal city during the winter, the addition of extra pacers is a strong indicator that the team will opt for bowling if it wins the toss.

This is because coastal pitches experience the dew effect during nighttime, especially in the winter months. The dew reduces the ball swing, and thus toss winners with a strong pace attack usually go for bowling first.

4. Shortlist Betting Sites

The most important aspect of betting is to register with the right set of bookmakers. You must take a look at a range of factors before deciding on your preferred bookmakers.

It is recommended that you register accounts with more than one betting site to take advantage of the best odds from among the different sites. A single website cannot provide the best odds in all the cricket betting markets, so having multiple accounts helps.

The five betting websites mentioned above are renowned for their best-in-class betting odds, transaction safety, and customer support services. You can be assured of having an excellent time on these websites and experience some amazing cricket bets!

Here are some common points you should keep in mind while selecting betting sites:

i. Affiliations and Registrations

Always check whether the website is registered with a government authority and is affiliated with a gambling commission. You can check for all these details at the bottom of the webpage or in the About Us section.

It is essential that you only deal with registered bookmakers as they have a legitimate presence and are liable to their customers for any payment default or malpractice. Unregistered betting sites have no such responsibility and can close shop any time and run with your money.

ii. Secure and Convenient Payment Environment

Take a look at the section on steps for depositing to check which payment methods are accepted by the bookmaker. Check whether it offers all the leading betting payment methods so that you have alternatives if one option does not work for you. Many punters also prefer to have the option to make low deposits.

To ensure payment security, check if the site has an SSL certificate (https) and follows encryption protocols while processing payments. These details are usually mentioned in the payments section. If not, you can contact the bookmaker and confirm the details.

Funbet Payment methods

Also, take a look at the steps for withdrawal to check if the process does not have any unnecessary formalities to delay payments. You will find many betting websites to put some vague withdrawal terms in this process to delay payments from their end.

iii. Variety of Betting Markets

Always opt for betting sites that offer a wide range of betting markets for cricket and other sports. The scope to bet on more markets diversifies your bet spread and increases the chances of winning money.

iv. Customer Support

It is common to encounter some glitches or errors during betting. Betting sites with prompt 24/7 customer support will resolve your queries faster and help you bet in peace.

Once you have shortlisted and registered on the betting sites, make sure you compare the odds across different websites before placing your bets. Comparing odds does not only help you identify the best odds but also maximises your winnings if you win the odd.

5. Pick Your Betting Markets

Cricket is one of the most followed sports worldwide. Add to it the dynamics of the game, and you have a host of betting markets from which you can make a selection. Betting sites also develop new odds for special tournaments to keep their customers hooked and excited.

Here are some popular cricket bets:

  • Top batsman
  • Match winner
  • Man of the match
  • Over/under score
  • Most wickets

Betway Popular Cricket Bets

Prepare a List of Pre-Match and In-Play Bets

You should be clear about which bets are available for in-play betting and which ones are of the pre-match category. Browse through the odds and its terms, and accordingly prepare a quick list of both the categories. Such lists help in saving time and ensure that you do not miss out on any quality bets.

Outline a Strategy

Making a strategy does not mean that you have to prepare a complex chart of odds calculation and winning probability. However, you should have a cricket betting strategy defining your betting limits and your course of betting action, such as when you should and shouldn't cash out.

It should outline your steps if the match does not go according to your plan; will you cash out or wait for the final outcome? It must also include options for what to do if things turn out to be exactly as you had planned; pour in more money or hold onto the same bets?

Preparing a strategy provides clarity of action and helps you bet rationally. 

6. Place Bets

Once you have decided the betting site and the bets, what more?

Go ahead, select the odds, and submit the bets. Watch the match and see how things unfold.

bet365 west indies odds

Odds correct as of 12:30 GMT, July 30th

Keep Your Wallet Ready

After deciding on a betting limit, load your wallet with that amount before the match begins. Loading the wallet in advance saves you time during the game and also saves you from the off chance of the payment not being processed due to some technical glitch.

You can also check for any deposit bonus and offers when you deposit money in advance. Loading the wallet during the match leaves no time to check offers as your sole focus will only be on placing bets.

However, take care not to load your wallet with more than your estimated amount of money . Extra money in the betting account is idle money and may push you towards unwarranted betting, which is not a healthy habit.

7. Keep a Personal Tracker to Monitor All Your Bets

It is important that you keep track of all your bets during the match so that you can modify the bet or cash out if needed. This habit is especially important when you place bets with multiple betting sites. It also helps you to check that you have not missed out on placing any bets.

Here are some steps to help you prepare a basic bet-tracker sheet. You can add or remove columns according to your requirements.

bet tacker sheet

Here are some of the columns you should consider adding to your tracker sheet:

  • Event
  • Bookie
  • Input amount
  • Odds
  • Cash-out availability
  • Bet amount

The event column is helpful if you want to bet on different matches being held simultaneously. The bookie column helps save time to check all your bet slips to determine the bookie with whom you have placed your bet.

The most important thing is to have a clear picture of how much money you have already put into your bets which is shown in column H (if you win) and column I (if you lose). Column K is for the outcome of the bet. Your earnings will be displayed in column L. Apart from column L, all other columns have used only the Excel sum function and basic multiplication.

Column L has used an IF function, the formula for which you can see in the image (directed by the red arrow). This sheet can track ‘n’ number of bets and is highly effective for tracking basic-structured bets.

The cash-out availability column is your ready reckoner to see which bets you can close if things are going south. Happy tracking!

8. Analyse Your Performance and Improve

Betting does not end with the match. You must track your betting performance and analyse what worked and what did not. Keep these points in mind when you place the next bet and constantly improve your betting performance.

You can even look at external post-match analysis published by cricket websites, and check their steps on analysis to check whether you are approaching the process of analysing matches and deciding bets correctly.

9. Make Use of Betting Offers

It doesn't matter whether you're betting from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, the USA or the UK. All these countries offer players (especially new ones), valuable betting offers, and these form a significant part of the betting experience online. Bookmakers regularly come up with new betting offers and promotions to attract bettors and offer them a gala time online. 

First deposit bonus and free bets are some of the most popular cricket-betting offers provided by all the leading betting websites. Make sure you never miss out on them!

Funbet betting offers

How to Bet on Cricket Online FAQs

Is there any age limit to bet on cricket?

There is no specific age limit for cricket betting per se. Like other forms of betting, every bettor must be of a minimum age of 18 years.

Is it possible to add multiple bets in a bet slip?

Yes, of course. Most cricket betting sites allow you to add ‘n’ number of bets in a single bet slip.

What is the cash-out feature?

In certain betting markets, bookmakers let you close the bet before the outcome is declared for a certain percentage of the bet amount. This is called the cash-out feature. It helps you close bets which you think you might not win as the game progresses, and saves you from huge losses.

Which are the best cricket betting sites?

We have already mentioned the top five cricket betting sites at the beginning of the blog. However, if you want to filter the list further, bet365, 10CRIC, and 888sport feature in the list of the top three of the best cricket betting sites.

Do mobile apps provide the same experience as websites?

Mobile apps are the future of online cricket betting and betting websites are paying special attention to develop and design their apps. Most of the leading bookmakers already offer mobile apps, and the experience of using them is as smooth and wholesome as what the website offers. Several mobile apps even provide the live-streaming service for cricket matches.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Now that you know how to place cricket bets online, register yourself with a reputed bookmaker and begin your online betting journey!

While selecting odds, always remember to choose value over everything else. Be safe, bet safe!

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