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Best Betting Sites for Your Cricket Betting Strategy

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Try Your Cricket Betting Strategy With These 5 Betting Sites

  1. vbet
  2. bet365 
  3. 10cric
  4. Unibet 
  5. 1BET

Cricket Betting Strategy: 10 Top Tips 

It’s very important to go to a betting site with a carefully thought-out betting plan. To help you out, we have compiled below 10 very important points worth factoring in when formulating your cricket betting strategy.


#1 Observe the Weather 

Many sports will go ahead as planned despite the weather. While a game of football or rugby union will inevitably be affected if it is pouring with rain or snowing, the match won't be called off unless the weather is truly awful. 

However, in cricket, if there is a small amount of rain, then the match will be halted. This has a huge impact on betting. For example, if England were playing South Africa and heavily dominating the match, they would obviously be considered the favourites to win. However, if the weather were to then suddenly change, washing out the final two days of play, then the match would end in a draw, even if England were right on the cusp of victory.

It is therefore incredibly important to ensure that you keep an eye on the weather, as this will likely force you to reconsider your cricket betting strategy.

#2 Consider the Game Format

The three main formats of the game of cricket are Test, ODI and T20 cricket.

Test cricket is the longest and oldest format of the game. With five days' worth of play with 90 overs bowled a day, Test cricket is more like a chess match at times, with teams battling to build big scores before trying to bowl out their opponents cheaply. 

ODI (One Day International) is a 100-over match split into an innings of 50 overs for each side, with the game played out over a single day. With only 50 overs available for each team, batsmen will generally look to score quickly early in the game, while bowlers will get the chance to take wickets due to the fields that have been set. 

T20 (Twenty20) cricket is the shortest format of the game and the most exciting. With so few deliveries in the match, massive shots are the norm, while cartwheeling stumps are a constant too.

This is why the format of the game is so important when it comes to your cricket betting strategy. If you were to bet on a game you assumed was a T20 clash, only to find out later that it is a Test match, then your bet may be far less likely to win, as certain players will utilise different tactics than what you had initially anticipated. 

3 Formats of Cricket

#3 Explore Different Markets 

Just like many other sports, cricket betting provides a vast array of betting markets to choose from. Utilising different ones will often see you shortening or lengthening your odds, whilst the value in your bets will change too. 

The Match Winner market, for example, will offer three options, allowing you to bet on Team A, Team B or a Draw. While there are only three results available, your potential value will be quite low. Let's say that Australia were set to play Ireland in a Test match. Australia would be considered big favourites, and therefore offer little value. Ireland, meanwhile, would provide a lot of value, but their chances of winning would be very slim. 

Therefore, it pays – literally – to look into other markets to find more value, such as Top Batsman, Top Wicket-Taker, Man of the Match, To Score a Century, Top Opening Partnership and more. 

Best betting site for market variety: bet365

#4 Find Value Bets 

As mentioned above, looking for value in your bets is exceptionally important, and ranks very highly in any cricket betting strategy. 

Apart from utilising different markets, it is vital to ensure that the risk of your bet doesn't outweigh the potential reward. It's all about weighing the probability of an outcome against the price that the bookmaker is offering, and whether the former is larger than the latter. The main thing to keep in mind here is to look for bets which have a greater chance of succeeding than what the odds imply. Like this, you're more likely to profit in the long run and gain an edge over the bookie. 

Best betting site for value bets: bet365

#5 Look at the Pitch Report Before the Coin Toss 

While it may sound inconsequential, the coin toss is a crucial part of any cricket match. It's basically how the teams decide who will bat and field first, although this is sometimes done via a ‘bat flip’ instead. 

What's important to keep in mind here is that pitches and venues from across the world are very different. While batting first on the pitch at Old Trafford may be the way to go, in the following game at Edgbaston, things could be very different. Therefore, it is always worth your time to look at the pitch report for the match.

Best betting site to bet on the coin toss: 888sport

#6 Examine the Venue 

Different venues and pitches have an effect on how well teams, batsmen and bowlers perform. Bear in mind that some teams will struggle when playing in certain stadiums, especially if they've had negative experiences in the past at the location in question. There is a psychological component of cricket that shouldn't be overlooked, and it can often help you predict who will win the game or which players will excel.

#7 Look at the Form 

The form of any side or player will often prove to be a very important tool in deciding which way you should bet. 

For example, if India go into a match against as the favourites but have lost their previous five games, while their opponents, New Zealand, have won their last ten games consecutively, it would be astute to back the latter side. Similarly, if India have not won a single Test in New Zealand throughout their last eight attempts, then they will likely struggle once again.

However, while backing the form can be a good way to go, it does not guarantee that you will win. After all, sports betting is so exciting because of the fact that it is so unpredictable. A major odds-on favourite could lose to the outsider, while a side that is in blistering form could suddenly run into a mental road-block, seeing them fall to the wayside in the match.

It is also important to consider that, if a team has enjoyed a great run, but happens to be playing their final game of the summer, then they could suffer from mental and/or physical fatigue, meaning they could lose a match they might otherwise have won. Make sure you take into account the team's cricket calendar before you place your bets. 

#8 In-Play Betting

In-play betting, also known as live betting, allows bettors to wager on events that happen in the match. This type of betting will see bookmakers updating their prices in real time. 

For example, if you were betting on the Match Winner market with England starting as the favourites, only for Pakistan to take a few early wickets, then England’s odds would drift, while Pakistan’s would shorten. The beauty of in-play betting means that a formerly odds-on bet could drift massively, while an outsider could see their chances of winning shorten to the point whereby they become the new favourites.

In-play betting can offer great value and excitement, but you should keep in mind the fact that it takes some getting used to. You could see the odds on a certain bet change, persuading you make a wager. However, subsequent events in the game could see the bet's chances of success decrease dramatically. While it doesn't pay to place bets too quickly or purely on impulse, taking too long to make a decision can see the value in a live bet greatly diminish. It's therefore important to find a middle-ground between using reason and trusting your gut.  

Best betting site for in-play betting: 888sport

#9 Take Advantage of Live Streaming

Live streaming allows you to watch the action as it unfolds. For punters – especially those that enjoy in-play betting – this offers supreme advantages.

For example, if, while streaming the game, you notice that Jasprit Bumrah is giving Joe Root some real problems from the first four balls of the over, then you could put money on Root to be the next wicket to fall. If you were following via a live text commentary, this would be far more difficult, as the commentary comes after each over. This means that, if Root’s wicket had fallen on ball number five, then you would have missed out on the chance to back him to fall next.

Best betting site for live streaming: bet365

#10 Claim Any Welcome Offers Available

Welcome bonuses and existing customer offers can significantly increase your potential playing pot. Depending on the bookmaker you've signed up with, you could be awarded a very generous promotion. When it comes to these offers, it's always important to read the terms and conditions attached, as you might either have to satisfy certain requirements such as placing a bet at certain odds, or utilise the bonus itself within a certain time frame. 

A welcome bonus refers to offers like free bets or bet credits, and is usually granted to new customers upon registering. It's also the bookie's way of incentivising punters to sign up with them as opposed to their competitors. 

An existing customer offer is eligible for existing customers – enhanced odds are a good example of such a promotion. These offers are their to thank frequent bettors for their loyalty and to retain their custom.

If you want to guarantee a profit from these free bets and offers, then read our guide to making money using a matched betting strategy.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Betting Money Management Tips

  • Decide on your bankroll. This should be one of the first things you do before placing any bets. By deciding on a certain amount to wager, you can ensure that you do not go overboard with your stake amounts. Additionally, this money should be kept separate from your personal accounts. Like this, whatever funds you lose will not affect the budget you keep for living expenses.
  • Monitor your betting activity closely. Many bookmakers offer a very good range of Responsible Gambling tools to help you bet safely and wisely. These include deposit limits, time outs, cool off periods, self-exclusions, reality checks and many more. 
  • Never chase your losses. Only place bets that you can comfortably afford. Avoid risking most of, or your entire bankroll on one single bet; this can sometimes see players chasing bets as they look to recoup their losses, which hardly ever ends well. In fact, this can cause you to go into further debt.

Cricket Betting Strategy: Best Value Markets 

Once you have familiarised yourself with the above 10 tips, it's worth taking a look at the best cricket betting markets available to bet on. We have listed a few of the most popular below, along with advice on how to utilise them and when to do so.

Top Batsman Betting 

Top Batsman betting allows you to bet on the player you think will score the most runs from a certain team. It tends to provide some real value, as there are 11 players on a team that could top score, meaning any of them constitute a viable option.

Of course, backing a dedicated bowler to score the most runs will see a big payout should your bet be successful; however, these players will be big outsiders for a reason, with their chances of scoring more runs than the top-order batsmen very slim. 

Backing the best batsman on the team will naturally offer some value, but if you are really looking to maximise the amount of value you can get, you could look to back some of the middle-order players instead. These all-rounders will generally have longer odds than the openers and the best players in a team; moreover, they will have a better chance of top scoring than the bowlers. 

As might be expected, this market is often something of a lottery, although you can look to increase your chances of winning by managing your bankroll well and by following our cricket betting strategy tips listed above. 

Best betting site for Top Batsman betting: 888sport

888sport top run scorer

Top Wicket-Taker Betting 

Just like the Top Batsman betting market, the Top Wicket-Taker market allows you to wager on a certain player to take the most wickets. Be sure to do your research into the bowlers on offer, as well as the venue and conditions they will be playing in. 

For example, if you are thinking of backing a player in the top wicket-taker market in India’s clash with South Africa, you will generally be best off betting on a spin bowler, as the conditions in India are conducive to spin bowling. Similarly, if you are betting on a game in England, then you would be wise to back a player that can utilise swing bowling. 

The best time to use this market is before the game has started, as this is generally when the best odds are available. While it will sometimes be possible to place a live bet on Top Wicket-Taker, you are likely miss out on higher value by doing so. 

Best betting site for Top Wicket-Taker betting: bet365 

bet365 Cricket Market*Odds correct as of 11:46GMT on 10/2/2021 

Outright Tournament Winner Betting 

The Outright Tournament Winner betting market allows you to wager on the side you think will win that specific tournament, such as the Cricket World Cup or during IPL betting. Because of the nature of this market, remember that even if your team tops their group and falls agonisingly short in the final, your bet will still lose. 

As a sport, cricket is currently enjoying one of the most competitive periods in its history, with a huge number of world-class teams jostling for the top position. This means that there is good value to be found in this market as so many teams stand to win the World Cup, the IPL or any other tournament. 

You can bet on this market in advance of the tournament starting, and this will generally offer fairly good value. However, some choose to wait until the tournament has started, hoping to see a favourite get off to a slow start. If India were to lose their first game at the Cricket World Cup, for example, their title as favourites may be relinquished, while their odds of winning the tournament would drift. If you believe they will immediately bounce back and go on to win the tournament, then this would be an ideal time to bet on them due to their longer odds. 

A word of warning here, though, as competitions like this put pressure on every aspect of a team. As a result, if a side is not completely in tandem, the wheels can fall off their campaign very quickly, with little time for improvement between games. 

Best betting site for Outright Tournament Winner betting: Unibet

Unibet Cricket Market

Cricket Betting Strategy FAQs 

Which are the best betting sites for cricket betting?

If you are looking for the very best cricket betting sites India around, then we would recommend bet365, 10cric or Unibet as being the very best. These three bookmakers all provide competitive odds, a range of markets, good features and an array of payment methods to choose form. Having said that, any of the bookies we've listed above are among the very best in the business.

What cricket betting strategy will give you the best chance of winning?

An effective cricket betting strategy incorporates a number of factors that have proven over time to have a great influence over the outcome of a match. Such aspects include the pitch, the venue and the weather. Finding value in your bets by utilising different markets can also really enhance the value in your wagers and improve your chances of winning. In addition, monitor your bankroll management closely, and be sure to claim any offers that your bookie happens to be advertising (should the T&Cs be to your satisfaction). 

What are the risks when betting on cricket?

Betting on the top cricket tournaments does come with some risks. Although there is much excitement to be had and winnings to be won, there's always a chance that you'll lose money. This is where some bettors tend to fall into the unfortunate habit of chasing their losses; that is, trying make back the money you have lost on previous bets and this is not ever advised. Doing so may even lead to gambling addiction. In order to place effective checks on your gambling activity, be sure to use any Responsible Gambling tools offered by your bookie, such as time outs, self-exclusions and spending caps.

Are there betting sites that live stream matches?

Yes, there are betting sites that provide a live streaming function. Head over to our list of the best live cricket streaming sites available, and take your pick!

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say 

It is incredibly important to do your own research when putting together an effective cricket betting strategy. Cricket requires plenty of prior knowledge about a certain player, team or clash before you can place any bets on it. 

Utilise betting markets that you deem to be offering the best value, and look into venues, weather conditions and player form. Check out our cricket betting tips and match predictions, as well as the best cricket betting apps and betting payment methods. Combine everything we've mentioned here, and you're guaranteed to have the most memorable cricket betting experience of your life!

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