Goa Pro League Betting (2021)

The Goa Professional League (or Goa Pro League) is the premier footballing league in the Indian state of Goa. Founded in 1998 and organised by the Goa Football Association, the Goa Pro League expanded its initial six teams to 12. In this article, we'll be telling you everything there is to know about Goa Pro League betting, including odds, betting tips, and more!

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Goa Pro League Betting Odds 2021

Goa Pro League odds for 2021 aren’t out yet, but we'll update them here once they're published. Keep watching this space!

Goa Pro League Betting Tips 2021

We've compiled a few Goa Pro League tips that should steer you in the right direction. Remember that the following is just a general roadmap to Goa Pro League betting; expect anything to go down on matchday! More importantly, even the best betting tips and match predictions can still fall short if you don’t do your research:

  • Consider team form and past head-to-head results.
  • Know which teams have won (and fared well) in the past.
  • Consider player form, irrespective of whether you want to bet on a match or dabble in individual player markets.
  • Shop around for the best Goa Pro League odds.
  • Hunt for bonuses and free bets to get extra value from Goa Pro League betting.
  • Learn how to manage your bankroll.

Goa Pro League Betting 2021

It's always helpful to get some context before wagering on any tournament. Here’s a little history that should prep you for Goa Pro League betting.

After the exciting 2019/20 season, the Goa Pro League is finally ready to launch its latest edition, with 2020/21 marking the 23rd chapter of Goa’s top-tier footballing league. Due to a last-minute withdrawal by Signal of Corps, the tournament is now scheduled to start on 27 January, 2021. All 66 matches will be contested at the Duler Stadium, Mapusa, Goa.

Goa Pro League 2021: What's Changed?

Like the last season, the 2021 edition will also see 12 teams facing off in a bid to be crowned the best in Goan football. This time around, however, we'll only be getting single-leg fixtures spread over three months, unlike the two-leg system that was in place for 2019/20That means every team will face each other just once, and the side that tops the points table at the end of the league will be adjudged champions.

Goa Pro League: Looking Forward

In the previous season, spectators were treated to exhilarating on-ground action, with multiple teams shining through and making a mark at the top level. Eventually, the Salcete-based Churchill Brothers and the Panaji-based Sporting Clube de Goa were crowned joint winners.

Over time, the league has propelled various footballers to the next orbit of success. Thanks to the Indian Super League, some of the players have become household names, including Ronaldo Oliveira (FC Bengaluru United), Liston Colaco (Hyderabad FC), Vincy Barretto (Gokulam Kerala FC), and Devendra Murgaonkar (FC Goa), among others.

After seven long years, the state’s top tier league has finally found sponsors in Selvel Advertising Pvt. Ltd, and is now called the Selvel Goa Professional League.


Goa Pro League 2021: Final Draw

Round 1

Jan 27FC Goa vs Salgaocar FC
Jan 28Guardian Angel SC vs Panjim Footballers
Jan 29Velsao SC vs Calangute Association
Jan 30Churchill Brothers vs Vasco SC
Feb 14Youth Club of Manora vs Sporting Clube de Goa
Feb 1Dempo SC vs Sesa FA

Round 2

Feb 2 Salgaocar FC vs Churchill Brothers
Feb 3Sporting Clube de Goa vs Vasco SC
Feb 4Calangute Association vs FC Goa
Feb 5Sesa FA vs Velsao SC
Feb 6Guardian Angel SC vs Dempo SC
Feb 7Panjim Footballers vs Youth Club of Manora

Round 3

Feb 8Velsao SC vs Salgaocar FC
Feb 9Dempo SC vs FC Goa
Feb 10Churchill Brothers vs Panjim Footballers
Feb 11Youth Club of Manora vs Guardian Angel SC
Feb 12Vasco SC vs Sesa FA
Feb 18Sporting Clube de Goa vs Calangute Association

Round 4

Feb 19FC Goa vs Velsao SC
Feb 20Dempo SC vs Churchill Brothers
Feb 21Guardian Angel SC vs Vasco SC
Feb 22Panjim Footballers vs Sporting Clube de Goa
Feb 23Salgaocar FC vs Sesa FA
Feb 24Calangute Association vs Youth Club of Manora

Round 5

Feb 26Panjim Footballers vs FC Goa
Feb 27Guardian Angel SC vs Calangute Association
Feb 28Vasco SC vs Velsao SC
Mar 1Salgaocar FC vs Dempo SC
Mar 2Sesa FA vs Youth Club of Manora
Mar 3Sporting Clube de Goa vs Churchill Brothers

Round 6

Mar 4Dempo SC vs Panjim Footballers
Mar 5FC Goa vs Guardian Angel SC
Mar 6Calangute Association vs Vasco SC
Mar 7Velsao SC vs Sporting Clube de Goa
Mar 8Churchill Brothers vs Sesa FA
Mar 9Youth Club of Manora vs Salgaocar FC

Round 7

Mar 10Panjim Footballers vs Velsao SC
Mar 11Sesa FA vs Sporting Clube de Goa
Mar 12Guardian Angel SC vs Churchill Brothers
Mar 13Dempo SC vs Calangute Association
Mar 14Salgaocar FC vs Vasco SC
Mar 15FC Goa vs Youth Club of Manora

Round 8

Mar 16Calangute Association vs Sesa FA
Mar 17Velsao SC vs Guardian Angel SC
Mar 18Churchill Brothers vs FC Goa
Mar 19Youth Club of Manora vs Dempo SC
Mar 20Vasco SC vs Panjim Footballers
Mar 21Sporting Clube de Goa vs Salgaocar FC

Round 9

Mar 22Churchill Brothers vs Calangute Association
Mar 23Youth Club of Manora vs Velsao SC
Mar 24Dempo SC vs Vasco SC
Mar 25FC Goa vs Sporting Clube de Goa
Mar 26Guardian Angel SC vs Sesa FA
Mar 27Panjim Footballers vs Salgaocar FC

Round 10

Mar 30Velsao SC vs Churchill Brothers
Mar 31Sesa FA vs FC Goa
Apr 5Salgaocar FC vs Guardian Angel SC
Apr 6Calangute Association vs Panjim Footballers
Apr 7Sporting Clube de Goa vs Dempo SC
Apr 8Vasco SC vs Youth Club of Manora

Round 11

Apr 9Salgaocar FC vs Calangute Association
Apr 10Sporting Clube de Goa vs Guardian Angel SC
Apr 11Sesa FA vs Panjim Footballers
Apr 12Velsao SC vs Dempo SC
Apr 14Vasco SC vs FC Goa
Apr 15Churchill Brothers vs Youth Club of Manora

Goa Pro League Betting Markets 2021

Check out the more sought-after Goa Pro League betting markets at the best football betting sites:

Outright Betting

Here, you'll need to predict the team that could win the 2021 Goa Pro League. This market should be offered by multiple bookies once the season kicks off. Remember, however, that you can get real value from outright betting during the league's initial days when the favourites aren’t as apparent yet. As the end of the league draws closer, one can generally tell the championship hopefuls from the laggards, so you may not get the best outright Goa Pro League odds at that time.

Recommended Goa Pro League betting site for outright betting: 1xBet

Match Betting

Also known as Full Time Result betting, this market requires you to predict the winning side in a match on a given day. Match betting is arguably the most popular among betting enthusiasts.

Recommended Goa Pro League betting sites for match betting: 1xBet | LV BET

Double Chance

Remember that the double chance bet isn’t a football betting market, but a bet type that allows you to cover two of the three possible match outcomes with one wager. A double chance bet cushions the risk of losing your wager to a large degree, considering you can put your money on either a home team win and draw’ (denoted by 1X) or ‘away team win and draw’ (X2).

Suppose you place a double chance bet on the home team. Here, your wager is a winner should the hosts win or draw the game. Similarly, a double chance bet on the away side means the visitors must win or draw the game for your wager to win.

Recommended Goa Pro League betting sites for Double Chance betting: 1xBet | 18bet | Marathonbet

First Team to Score

This is as straightforward as it sounds. Here, you'll put your money on the side you think could net the first goal of the match within the stipulated duration (90 minutes + injury time).

Recommended Goa Pro League betting site for First Team to Score betting: 18bet

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Bet on whether both teams are able to score within the stipulated 90 minutes + injury time of a match.

Recommended Goa Pro League betting site for Both Teams to Score: NetBet

Odd or Even

Another favourite among punters, this market requires you to predict whether the total number of goals in a match by both teams would be either odd or even.

Recommended Goa Pro League betting sites for Odd or Even betting: Marathonbet | 18bet | 1xBet | Dafabet

Clean Sheet

This market allows you to bet on whether a side wouldn't concede any goal throughout the stipulated duration of a match. The term ‘clean sheet’ refers to when a team’s goalkeeper doesn’t let the opposition camp net any goal.

Recommended Goa Pro League betting site for Clean Sheet betting: 18bet

To Win Both Halves

This bet will require your chosen team to not only lead but win in both halves of the game. For instance, if a side were to net three goals in the first half but follow it up with a goalless second half, you’d lose your betIn this market, you can put your money on either the hosts or the visiting side.

Recommended Goa Pro League betting site for To Win Both Halves betting: 22Bet

Next Goal

In this betting market, you wager on the team you think would score the next goal in a particular match. Three outcomes are possible while betting in this market: the home side to score the next goal, the away side to score next, or no goals to be scored.

Recommended Goa Pro League betting sites for Next Goal betting: 1xBet | 22Bet

These aside, there can be other Goa Pro League betting markets on offer by the best sites for sports betting in India. These include, but aren’t limited to, Correct Score, To Win from Behind, Own Goal, To Win to Nil, and To Score a Penalty.

We recommend staying away from the Correct Score market if you're a newbie and still testing the betting waters. That’s because it's one of the more complex markets and quite difficult to predict, considering you have to mark the exact scoreline (either at half-time or full-time) in a match.

Goa Pro League Betting Live

Football live betting is as exhilarating as it gets! It doesn’t matter if it’s ISL betting or Goa Pro League betting – nothing can beat the adrenaline of wagering on a match in real time. In scenarios like these, betting markets like Next Goal or the First Team to Score truly come to life.

Best live Goa Pro League betting sites: 1xBet | NetBet

If you're a cricket buff, don’t forget to check out the best live cricket streaming sites!

Goa Pro League: Tournament Structure

  • Founded: 1998
  • Country: India
  • Teams: 12 (currently)
  • Format: Single-leg structure (teams take on each other once, with the side finishing first in the points tally declared champions)
  • Current Champions: Sporting Clube de Goa, Churchill Brothers (joint winners of the 2019-20 season)
  • Most Championships: Salgaocar FC

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Goa Pro League Teams 2021

  • Calangute Association
  • Churchill Brothers
  • Youth Club of Manora
  • Dempo SC
  • FC Goa Reserves
  • Guardian Angel SC
  • Sesa Football Academy
  • Sporting Clube de Goa
  • Panjim Footballers
  • Velsao Sports & Cultural Club
  • Salgaocar FC
  • Vasco SC

2021 Goa Pro League: Points to Note

Keep these factors in mind before you start with Goa Pro League betting:

  • A maximum of two foreign players per side can take the field on matchday.
  • A minimum of two under-20 footballers of Goan origin must play for a side on matchday.
  • A maximum of three substitutions per team allowed in a game.
  • A maximum of seven substitutes permitted to take the bench.

Past Champions of the Goa Pro League

Across all the Goa Pro League editions, Salgaocar FC has been crowned champion on seven occasions. On the team’s heels are Churchill Brothers, Sporting Clube de Goa, and Dempo, with five championships apieceConsider these champions should you want to register big winnings with Goa Pro League betting!

1998Salgaocar FC
1999Churchill Brothers
2000Churchill Brothers
2001Churchill Brothers
2002Salgaocar FC
2003Salgaocar FC
2004Salgaocar FC
2005Dempo SC
2006Sporting Clube de Goa
2007Dempo SC
2008Churchill Brothers
2009Dempo SC
2010Dempo SC
2011Dempo SC
2012-13Salgaocar FC
2013-14Sporting Clube de Goa
2014-15Salgaocar FC
2015-16Sporting Clube de Goa
2016-17Salgaocar FC
2017-18Sporting Clube de Goa
2018-19FC Goa Reserves
2019-20Churchill Brothers and Sporting Clube de Goa

Goa Pro League: Stats Corner

Statistics don’t lie. Here’s hoping you can make the most of the following stats and rake in big winnings with Goa Pro League betting.

SeasonTop ScorerClubGoals
2011Koko Sakibo & Victorino FernandesDempo SC & Sporting Clube de Goa6
2012-13JuanfriSporting Clube de Goa3
2013-14Melwin FernandesWilred Leisure13
2014-15Victorino FernandesSporting Clube de Goa11
2015-16Odafa OkolieSporting Clube de Goa11
2016-17Liston ColacoSalgaocar FC13
2017-18Joel SundaySalgaocar FC20
2018-19Devendra MurgaonkarSalgaocar FC20
2019-20Marcus MasceranhasSporting Clube de Goa14

Goa Pro League Betting FAQs

When is the Goa Pro League 2021 scheduled?

After a successful season in 2020, the Goa Pro League betting is set to make a comeback on 27 January, 2021. It was initially slated for a 15 January start, but a last-minute withdrawal by the Navelim-based Corps of Signals pushed the date back. The last match will be played on 15 April.

Twelve teams will fight it out in the single-leg tournament comprised of 66 matches.

Has any team been promoted or relegated?

No. Considering the last season met with a premature end, teams have neither been promoted nor relegated for the 2021 Goa Pro League. Twelve teams will participate this time around as well, with the Youth Club of Manora replacing Corps of Signal.

What are some of the best Goa Pro League betting sites?

We've listed the best Goa Pro League betting sites in this article. If you were to ask us to single out the top few, we’d go for Betway, 1xBet, 18bet, Marathonbet, and NetBet. That said, all the other sites also offer competitive Goa Pro League odds so you can cash in on the opportunity to win big.

Are these online betting sites regulated?

Absolutely! All the Goa Pro League betting sites we've recommended are licensed and regulated by appropriate bodies like the UKGC, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Curaçao Gaming Control Board.

This means you can expect tidy Goa Pro League odds, complete fairness, secure deposit methods, and easy withdrawal. The sites take it upon themselves to ensure all your banking and personal information are kept under wraps so you can wager in a safe and reliable environment.

Apart from Goa Pro League betting, what other options do I have?

If you're a cricket buff, we've got good news for you. You can bet on the top cricket tournaments around the world with the Sports Bookies in India Full Guide iis7站长之家. IPL betting is also one of the most lucrative propositions a punter can wish for.

Besides that, the best sports bookies offer kabaddi betting, horse race betting, Australian Open betting, and of course, more football betting.

Can I enjoy in-play Goa Pro League betting?

Yes, you can! In-play betting is always more exciting than pre-match betting, considering you can watch live action unfold in front of you and wager in real time. Check out the best in-play betting sites, and enjoy Goa Pro League betting live!

I am a Bangladeshi citizen. Can I still try Goa Pro League betting? If yes, which bookies will offer the best Goa Pro League odds?

Yes, you can! An emphatically large number of betting enthusiasts from Bangladesh wager on sports, so there’s no reason why you can’t. Expect the top online betting sites in Bangladesh to offer the most competitive Goa Pro League odds.

What should I look for before choosing a Goa Pro League betting site?

Make sure the online bookie you choose offers the following:

  • Several Goa Pro League betting markets
  • Competitive Goa Pro League odds
  • Multiple payment methods that are safe and zero-hassle
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Free bets, bonuses, and other offers
  • Uninterrupted customer and banking assistance

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Sporting Clube de Goa and Churchill Brothers were declared joint winners of the Goa Pro League 2019-20. The 2020/21 season, however, probably won't see any such generosity, considering 11 teams will be up against each other to clinch the top crown of Goan football. The good news is that, after all this time, the state’s top-tier league has finally found sponsors in Selvel Advertising Private Limited, a move that should up the Goa Pro League’s competitive spirit and financial stability

Football enthusiasts will stay glued to their TV screens as the 23rd edition of Goa’s top footballing league gets underway on 27 January. Expect a flurry of goals, and even more drama, as top goal scorers from champion teams hustle to leave an indelible mark at the national level. And as the state gears up, why shouldn’t the punter in you, too? Pick your Goa Pro League betting site, keep your eyes peeled for the best Goa Pro League odds, and start wagering! As a final word of advice, always remember to manage your money well, and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

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