Betfair Review for Cricket Betting

*** Betfair does not accept Indian users anymore ***

Betfair Cricket has been the biggest change ambassadors in the cricket betting space as they were behind some of the most successful innovations in the industry.  They are a force to be reckoned with and industry experts don't dispute it, calling it one of the best India cricket betting sites in the world. We can confirm from our Betfair review that it is the largest internet betting exchange site in the world today and their growth has been exponential since their establishment in 2000.

Other excellent alternatives we recommend are bet365 and 888Sports.

Betfair Review for Cricket Betting

Name: Betfair

Description: Established in 2000, reputed for best betting exchange site. Provides better cricket betting experience with strong security and promotional offers.

  • Reputation
  • Security
  • Cricket Coverage
  • Customer Support
  • Banking Option
  • Odds market
  • Promotional Offers
  • User Interface


Betafair is one of the best cricket betting sites out there. Their brilliant, offerings, support and promotions set them apart from the rest makes them a great them a great choice for professional cricket bettors around the world.


  • A wide range of cricket betting options
  • Offers great promotions 
  • Strong Security
  • Quick Customer support
  • Peer to peer betting


  • Mobile sports book and exchange are separate apps
  • Betfair's user interface could be better.

Betfair Review: Reputed for Best Betting Exchange Sites

Betfair cricket has been around for two decades and has grown rapidly in the cricket betting industry by consistently being creative with their betting options. The site was founded in the year 2000, successfully carving out a niche for itself over the years and winning itself a large chunk of the bettor market share. They have a strong reputation for consistently having the largest and most dependable betting exchange world. Due to this, they are used and loved by many professional cricket bettors all over the world.

Betfair Review: Wide Range of Cricket Coverage

As a cricket betting site, Betfair cricket has ensured that it holds nothing back when it comes to the range of cricket matches available to bet on. In our Betfair review, we found out that Betfair cricket covers practically every cricket tournament and major matches across the globe. When it comes to cricket coverage, Betfair cricket easily plays in the league of the biggest cricket betting sites on the internet. This is one of the many reasons why they are ideal for professionals who love to bet on a wide range of matches across the globe.

Betfair Review: Strong Security

Sites with amazing cricket betting services like Betfair cricket are known for their excellent security standards. We found out during the Betfair review that Betfair cricket ensures that Bettors are well protected with state of the art encryption SSL and firewalls that keep their sensitive information secure. Before a user is allowed to make withdrawals of funds from their account, they are required to complete the Betfair verification process. Without this, withdrawals cannot be made. This helps prevent loss of funds in the event of an account hack.

Betfair Review: Quick Customer Support

Betfair cricket has customer support that is available 24/7 all through the year. Their support is reachable via telephone with toll-free numbers that depend on where the customer is calling from. We can confirm in our Betfair review that Betfair’s support is also available via email, although, resolutions are slower via this method as expected, the service delivery is excellent and personalized. Betfair’s support staff is widely recognized as one of the best in the industry, as they are already familiar with almost any issue a customer could possibly have, allowing them to deal with it swiftly and efficiently.

Betfair Review: Various Banking Option

Betfair cricket offers a wide range of banking options to its customers as regards ways they can fund their accounts. The site allows a variety of different currencies to easily accommodate the needs of its customers. Professional cricket bettors from around the world find this quite convenient, which is why they’d go with Betfair as one of their top betting sites. Betfair cricket also offers other banking options like e-wallets, bank transfers and cards (like Mastercard, Visa etc.) among other methods for depositing funds into the customer’s Betfair account.

In this Betfair review we can confirm that Betfair cricket also offers its customers just as many withdrawal options, ranging from Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, EntroPay, Delta etc.

Betfair Review: Peer to Peer Betting Odds Market

The cricket betting odds that are available on Betfair cricket are many and diverse, covering various market options over all the platforms that Betfair currently operates. As you can see from our Betfair review, Betfair was the pioneer for exchange and they also run a frequent sportsbook as well. The options are limitless and customers are free to pick between any of the two as well. Regardless, they both guarantee quality.

Exchange gets its beauty from the fact that when a customer does not find a price that they’d like to wager for, they can set theirs as long as there is another customer matching it. This is called peer to peer to peer betting, and it all about ensuring that Betfair cricket customers have access to value. Either way, every customer is guaranteed an amazing betting experience regardless of what option they stick with. Winning commissions on Betfair cricket range between 5-7% and they also have non-sports bets as well.

Betfair Review: Notable Promotional Offer

Betfair cricket currently has a ÂŁ100 Cricket Bet Bundle that allows new customers to place five or more ÂŁ10 and receive ÂŁ20 of free bets. When this is done up to 5 times, the customer gets a maximum of ÂŁ100 in bonus with minimum odds of 1.5. This, however, excludes exchange cricket bets. This can be done five times in a row and only applies to new customers. More details about this can be found on their website. Betfair cricket has a track record of offering some of the best cricket betting promotions, and these promotions are location-based making them even more appealing to their customers. Promotions are also based on whether the cricket bettor is a traditional bettor or an exchange bettor.

Betfair Review: Good User Interface

For those who have never used a cricket betting exchange page before, we noted in this Betfair review that Batfair cricket may look a little different from most traditional sites they are used to. This is because it could look a little complex, however, it takes less than five minutes to fully get the hang of things.

The helpful support on the site is a brilliant feature all through the Betfair cricket user-experience. When it comes to beauty, the site could look better. Either way, the site’s operation and functionality is top-notch. Betfair has a mobile website and user-friendly app which can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices as well. There are also separate Sportsbook and Exchange Apps, and cricket bettors need to have both to enjoy the full mobile experience.

Betfair Cricket Review: Conclusion

From our Betfair review we can conclude that Betfair cricket is one of the best cricket betting sites out there. Their brilliant, offerings, support and promotions set them apart from the rest makes them a great them a great choice for professional cricket bettors around the world. If there's one thing we know, it's that Betfair continues to grow the quality of its services, making it easy to compete with the other big players in the cricket betting space.


Or else try our recommended alternatives to Betfair: bet365, and 888Sports.

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