Cash Out and Partial Cash Out: Explained (2021)

Some of the best bookies in India offer cash out betting – a highly useful tool to have on hand if your bet doesn't seem to be going your way. We’ve got all the info on this handy feature and how to make the most of it!

Top 10 Cash Out Betting Sites

  • Allows partial cash out
  • Multiple cricket promotions
  • ₹10,000 Welcome bonus
  • Partial cash out betting
  • Great live betting features
  • ₹500 Free bet
  • Allows partial cash out
  • Live streaming IPL and more
  • ₹4,413 Bet credits
  • Huge range of cricket markets
  • Great cricket odds
  • ₹10,000 Welcome bonus
  • Excellent football odds
  • Range of esports markets
  • 10% Cashback bonus
  • Redesigned platform
  • Local cricket leagues
  • ₹12,000 First deposit bonus
  • Diverse range of sports
  • Acca Insurance
  • ‘Superprize' promotion
  • No deposit fees
  • Top Bet Builder
  • Deposit ₹1,000 get a ₹3,000 Free bet
  • Virtual sports markets
  • Football-focused bookie
  • 100% up to ₹4,413 bonus
  • Intuitive live betting features
  • Niche sports like shooting
  • ₹4,413 Welcome bonus

Top 5 Cash Out Betting Sites

  1. 10CRIC
  2. Betway
  3. bet365
  4. 1xBet
  5. 22Bet

Cash Out Meaning

Screenshot explaining cash out

The cash out feature is a relatively new concept still, but many great INR betting sites offer it. Cash out is a feature where a punter can choose to cash out a bet earlier at lower odds for a lower reward than if the bet won. It is typically used as a way for punters to retain some winnings when their bet looks like it's not going to win.

Benefits of Cash Out

The most obvious benefit of cashing out is that you can quickly take a profit if things don't seem to be going your way. As it tends to vary from sport to sport, sometimes a good deal of knowledge of the sport in question will help.

Imagine your favourite IPL team posts a decent first innings but you realise their attack won’t contain that total – you could take a calculated profit at that very moment rather than lose the bet completely. You wouldn't receive as much as if they had won, but it's better than nothing!

How is a Cash Out Calculated?

A cash out is calculated by taking the potential winnings of an initial bet and comparing them against the current odds you would be offered if you were to place the same bet right now. Therefore:

Cash out value = potential winnings / current odds.

For example, let's say you place an initial ₹200 bet on India to beat Australia at 4.0, and India post a strong innings which puts their new odds of winning at 2.0. Using the calculation above, we would get:

200/2/0 = ₹100

A bookie will usually alter the offer with a margin, and the cash out amount would usually be a touch less.

Why Is Cash Out Unavailable?

There are a number of reasons a cash out may become unavailable. First and foremost, while most events will allow for cash outs at in-play betting sites, not all events may actually allow it. With that being said, here are some of the most common reasons your cash out is unavailable.

  • Market suspension – The market may be suspended if an incident occurs that may dramatically affect the cash out value. This could be a quick fall in wickets, a pending third umpire decision, or any other match incident that would warrant a price change. The market will be temporarily unavailable while the value is reassessed.
  • Coverage issues – In some unfortunate cases there may be a loss of coverage of a sporting event. In this instance, the pricing of the cash out will be lost and will remain unavailable for the duration of the event.
  • Technical issues – Sometimes it has nothing to do with the event, you, or your chosen market. It’s a rare occurrence, but bookies can occasionally encounter technical issues. They are usually resolved quickly, but it can affect the cash out feature. Try refreshing your browser if the cash out function is unavailable, or bring this up to customer support after the event is over.
  • It’s the market – Another common reason why cash out is unavailable is that the chosen market simply doesn’t offer the feature to begin with. Bookies don’t offer cash outs for every single market, so you’ll need to be sure of its availability beforehand if it’s important to your betting strategy. Some bookies will have a cash out symbol on available markets, while other bookies will show the cash out amount on the initial bet slip.

Why Do Bookies Offer Cash Out Betting?

Of course, the whole concept of the cash out is a great marketing tool to promote a site and attract new customers. Bookmakers would also prefer punters to take a cash out offer early on bets that are going to win. It’s not rocket science – why would a bookie want to pay out your full winnings when they can offer a lower price that many punters will likely take?

Cash Out Pro Tips

The concept itself may be simple enough, but there are certainly some strategies and tips that be followed to get the best profit possible when cashing out your bet.

Resist the Urge to Cash Out

In the long run, you’re unlikely to make massive profits from taking cash out offers all the time. In fact, we’ll go as far as saying that frequently cashing out is generally a bad idea. With this feature, bookies will apply their overround not once, but twice. First, they take a cut on your initial bet, then they take one on your cash out. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why cash out is considered to be bad value when used too often, and why you shouldn’t make a habit out of using this feature.

Partial Cash Out

Some of the best cricket betting sites in India, like 10CRIC and bet365, offer a partial cash out offer. This is essentially where you can choose to cash out a fraction of your bet but let the remaining portion ride. You’ll typically get to do this in the form of a percentage, which the bookie will pay out and then give you a new expected return with your new lower stake.

This is a particularly handy strategy as you can take home some profit before the event ends and still have a bet riding on the result. If it loses, you would still have received some profit, and if it wins, your smaller bet will still pay out too!

Perfect Timing

Cash out offers, especially short-term bets, are all about watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity. You’ll need to be watching the event and following the cash out value at your bookie too. Timing will be key. You don’t want to be looking elsewhere when an important wicket falls and the cash out value switches in your favour.

Consider Hedging Instead

A highly effective alternative to cash out betting, hedging is the concept of taking advantage of the changes and subtle differences in odds between bookies to cover both possible results. Basically, it is placing a wager at one bookie and then placing another wager against your bet on an alternative bookie or exchange. Using this strategy, you can bet on a team to win and to lose for, hopefully, a guaranteed result.

This technique is utilised by those wishing to limit their exposure to loss. Punters look to try and guarantee some level of victory, or at the very least, reduce the total risk of their wager.

How to Cash Out at Bookies in India

Now that we've gone through the basics of cashing out, we'll show you how to use this feature at the best cricket betting apps online.


Betway are yet another international bookie that likes to focus on cricket when it comes to the Indian market. Great odds and a fantastic live betting experience are among the many amazing features at this bookie. Another one is, of course, cash out betting!

  • To perform a cash out, both partial and full, head to My Bets.
  • Select Cash Out to gain access to the slider. Choose and confirm your desired amount, after which the cash out will be triggered.


10CRIC is one of the best cricket betting sites in India and offers a truly Indian-focused cricket betting experience. Apart from accepting the best Indian betting payment methods and multiple IPL promotions every year, 10CRIC offers both full and partial cash outs.

  • Head to your betting slip via My Open Bets and click Cash Out.
  • Select an amount and hit the Cash Out button to redeem your winnings. It couldn’t be simpler!

The My Open Bets Screen at 10CRIC


bet365 is an international bookmaker with huge markets, including coverage of every major cricket event you can think of. Best of all, they offer live streaming of cricket matches and partial cash out offers.

  • Simply click Cash Out while tracking the progress of your live bets. Choosing to cash out the entire bet will settle the amount and you will receive a payout.
  • To take out a partial cash out, go to the bet slider tool and select Partial Cash Out. Now you can choose the specific percentage of the bet you would like to cash out.
  • You can also set up an auto cash out – this is where your bet will automatically cash out if a certain cash out value is reached. To arrange this, select the little cog icon located to the right of the cash out button. Choose an amount and then confirm by selecting Create Rule.


1xBet are a massive bookie with an Indian focus and loads of features for those who wish to bet on cricket online, including cash out betting.

  • Place a bet and then track its progress. You can do so easily by checking your betting history. If you choose to end your bet, you’ll be met with a slider to choose how much of the bet you wish to cash out.
  • Move the slider until it meets the desired amount, and confirm either the full or partial cash out.

Cash Out FAQs

Is a cashing out a good idea?

It can be a good idea if a bet doesn’t feel like a winner, but it (literally) doesn't pay you to use it too frequently. At the end of the day, however, it is up to you to decide how to use it and when.

Which betting sites offer partial cash out?

Several leading bookies in India offer partial cash out betting. We think 10CRIC, Betway, and bet365 are three of the very best in India who do so.

How is a cash out calculated?

The cash out value can be worked out by using the following formula: potential winnings / current odds. 

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Whether you're betting on your favourite football team, the IPL, or even an Olympic qualifier, betting sites in India offer the cash out offer for various events just in case you happen to lose confidence in your wager for whatever reason. So, keep your eyes peeled on the in-play action, and you may find a chance to take some profit early or rescue part of a losing bet!

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